Blogging with Buddy Sept 13, 2020

Nicholas and I are sooooo excited!  Charlie got a new dog today!  After a two-year search for just the right pooch, our friend Charlie picked up his new rescue dog.  He’s one of the rescues from Texas where so many poor fur babies have been stranded on the streets after this last hurricane.  He seems to be part miniature schnauzer, part Jack Russel and weighs 30 pounds.  He’s super smart, friendly and cute!  We’re so very proud of Charlie that he would reach out and rescue this beautiful boy.  We’re anxiously waiting to see what Charlie will name him as he didn’t come with a name but at $500 he does have all his shots, is neutered and microchipped.  Charlie was out shopping for the little guy yesterday picking up a new bed, retractable leash, liver treats (my personal favourite, I’m jealous) and a healthy variety of food.  As a lifelong dog lover Charlie will take excellent care of his new fur baby starting with a long walk each morning, drives in the car and accompanying him almost everywhere!  He’ll be part of our team and Nicholas and I are anxious to show him the ropes.  This little guy may not know it yet but he just won the lotto!  We’ve got a special welcome surprise all ready for him.   Nicholas and I just can’t wait to meet him (hopefully this week) and be the first to say “Welcome to New Brunswick, we’re so happy you’re here and welcome to the team!”

  Charlie’s adorable new fur baby!!!

We have an attractive new listing at 60 Maliseet Drive in Rothesay, MLS#NB049150 Offered at $449,000.  This one and a half storey home is on a half-acre+ private lot and comes with beach right just a five minute walk down the street!  It has a large great room with fireplace, spacious eat-in custom kitchen and three bedrooms main floor including the master bedroom suite.  The second floor is a large fourth bedroom guest suite with sitting area, bedroom area, four-piece bath, storage room and balcony.  I’m excited about two things; first the in-floor hot water heating, really great if your four-legged furry friend has any arthritis and the ductless heat pump suppling air conditioning in the warm summer months!  And second, the beach rights for great swimming, boating and relaxing twilight evening as you watch the sun set over the river.  All the benefits of waterfront living without the high cost attached!

We hit the beach yesterday for what could be one of our last trips to the Bay of Fundy this year!  All depends on the weather as our nights cool down but our days have stayed warm.  We went to Carrying Cove Beach at New River where four-legged friends can have a good run and a refreshing swim.  I jumped out of the truck and just ran for the water.  There’s nothing that calls to me stronger then the fresh sea air.  I jumped right in with powerful stokes gliding up and down the shore.  Nicholas came in to his belly as he enjoys warmer water more.  He did grab a huge stick and carried it to the beach edge which we both had a good chew on.  Mama and Papa caught up with several old friends that happened along.  It was warm but windy and we all enjoy a beautiful New Brunswick day.  Nicholas and I slept all the way home in the truck, had a good supper and then another snooze.  All that swimming was tiring but we love it.

You’ve never heard us talk about it before but did you know that Mama loves cats too?  Nicholas and I have never had a cat as part of our family but she had many cats her entire life before we arrived.  She’s been talking to Papa about getting another but he says two big dogs are enough for now.  From what we can gather a guy named William was her favourite!  He was a big long haired tabby that she rescued as a 6 week old kitten from a barn near Bloomfield.  William’s mother had four kittens but only enough milk for three so Mama brought him home and they were enseparable  for 21 years!  Yes you are reading this right, William lived a long and healthy life for 21 years and was never sick a day and never looked old.  Mama loved him to pieces and we wish we could have met him.  See his handsome pic below.  He’s sixteen in this picture!


Have a great week and we’ll be talking with you soon.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy September 4th, 2020

Can you believe it’s Labour Day Weekend already?  Where did the summer go?  They say when you’re busy time flies and the summer has just flown past Nicholas and I.  Mama and Charlie have had a crazy busy summer with real estate sales of their own listings and those on the MLS and of course I’m here along with Nicholas as their cheering squad and a nice quiet nuzzle with Mama after a long hard day.  We especially enjoy our long walks at twilight with Papa in tow as we enjoy the last of the warm weather and reflect on the events of the day as she winds down.  The days seem to be getting short so quickly that it’s pitch dark by 8:30!  Every day we’ll be going out earlier and earlier until we end up going at supper time!

We’re happy to announce the sale of one our Global Luxury properties at 2 Pleasant Avenue in Quispamsis.  MLS#NB045216, Offered at $845,000.  Congratulations to our sellers as they move on to their new home and to the buyers who will enjoy this handsome home with it’s beautiful yard.  Personally this was one of my favourites with the big yard! 

2 Pleasant Avenue is SOLD!


We’re just working through conditions with an offer pending at 1288 Scenic Narrows on Washademoak Lake.  MLS# NB018216, offered at $474,900.  This is another handsome property with a year-round cottage with handsome modern interior and an oversized garage with inviting loft!  Nicholas and I had a great visit to this property and enjoyed a nice swim in the lake!  Congratulations to our sellers and to the lucky buyers!

Hope you enjoy this long weekend relaxing with friends and family.  If you see me out and about don’t forget to say hi but I must warn you, if you’re close enough Nicholas is going to lay on the kisses,  the little guy just can’t seem to control himself!

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy September 1st, 2020

You can feel the fall in the air and it’s put a spring in our step!  Loving these cooler autumn days and nights when the foliage starts to turn colour and I feel so much better with this big Newfie coat on.  This has been a wild summer for real estate with Mama and Charlie run right off their feet, seven days a week as they extend their exceptional service to our buyers and sellers.  Who would ever think that a pandemic would make our estate market soooo hot!!!  Nicholas and I have been a little sad as we haven’t seen as much of Mama as we like to but we understand that when a client’s needs service, they need it now.  Almost every day she is flying out the door, calling over her shoulder, “See you later boys, Mama’s got a showing.”  We know that means she’ll be gone for a few hours but not gone overnight.  When her and Papa go away they always say, “Bye boys, see you soon and be good boys.”  Those are the words we dread as we know they’ll be gone for at least a few days.  They never ever put us in a kennel though, we have the most lovely lady who moves into our house and loves us to death while they are gone.  Her name is Judi and we just adore her, whatever she says, we hop to it.  She pats us and brushes us, talks to us a lot, watches TV with us and best of all she plays ball several times a day with Nicholas and cooks us home cooked meals!  That’s my favourite part.  Can she ever cook!!!  Our naturopathic vet has had us eating brown rice, cooked vegetables and different types of meat now for six years.  We’ve stayed very healthy, are very active for eight years old and our black coats just shine!

We’ve had a few nice swims in the last week making sure we get our last swims of summer in.

We’ve also had some beautiful walks at Allison and Spyglass Hill at twilight.  Mama loves that time of day and so do we!  The wild flowers are all in bloom and are so pretty with their deep rich golds and vibrant purples!  They are so tall this year that when I wander into the midst of them Mama and Papa can even find me!  I’m so tall that that’s a rarity!

Looking forward to a nice relaxing Labour Day Weekend.  Hope you’re getting out and about tour our beautiful province and have some special things planned.  Talk with you soon and be sure to wave if you see me out in my red SUV.



Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon