May 29th, Blogging with Buddy

It was a long day for Nicholas and I yesterday with Mama out on a whirlwind tour showing homes. We were up at 5:30 am, me to check out my yard to be sure no deer or other critters had stepped foot on my private property while I slept and Mama to check overnight emails on the computer and fine tune the detail sheets of the tour.  That lazy Nicholas didn’t get up until almost 7:30 but what else would be new?  Daddy’s an early bird; if he’s not at his office by 6:30 he thinks he’s late!

Good thing my good friend Robin came by to stay with us!  She arrived at 7am.  I just love Robin; she’s so kind and friendly, always gives us treats and a nice rub.  (She also makes Nicholas and I a piece of toast in the mornings, are we spoiled or what?  Nicholas is a very fussy eater but he loves Robins toast!)

Mama left the house for the tour at 7:45am and didn’t get home until 6:30pm!  Whew, what a day! She showed houses from Charlotte Country to Saint John, Rothesay to Quispamsis.  She was beat but still smiling when she saw her boys!  We were so happy to see her, jumping all around and Nicholas was spinning round and round and even jumped up on her (which we’re not allowed to do).  Mama pushed him off and said “Four on the floor, Nicholas!  I don’t jump on people because I’m sooooo big I might flatten them!  If I stood on my hind legs I’d be as tall as most people, probably taller than Mama!  Whoa!!!

Daddy knew Mama was going to have a long day so he kicked in and had a nice supper going for all of us!  Mama put her feet up and told us about her day and the lovely people she was with, how enjoyable it was to show them such gorgeous properties, made the day just fly!  Nicholas started bellyaching about her being away for the day but I said, “Cool it Dude, she’s rarely away all day and like Grampy Wiggins always said, “Those that don’t work, don’t eat and if she sells one of those nice houses it means we’re eating well for another month, so you just smile, try to look sweet and say “Good Luck Mama”!


May 25th, Blogging With Buddy

“Happy Birthday to Buddy! Happy Birthday to Buddy!  Happy Birthday Dear Buddy, Happy Birthday to Me!” I turn 2 years old today!!!  Me and our Pomeranian cousins, “The Twins”  Mira and Lucas share birthdays with them turning 8 years old today!  Not sure what the twins have going on but Mama promised me a Cheeseburger Picnic, one of my favourite things after swimming!  Of course I’ll share with my bro, Nicholas. The guy looks kinda cute in the funny pointed birthday hat!

Mama has an open house this afternoon from 2-4 at 32 Rowanberry Terrace in Millidgeville (her team are working Millidgeville today including 32 Deerwood Place and 59 Anchorage Avenue) so my picnic will have to be at supper time.  Daddy can fire up the barbeque, he’s good at that.  Nicholas and I can just smell those burgers cooking already.  Nicholas no drooling please, it’s very unbecoming.

On Friday we met Mama’s newest team member Kim Burt and she was really, really nice.  Nicholas, the big Romeo, snuck a kiss of course, he thinks she’s really cute.  The guy is not safe out!  Kim was good about it, she just pushed him away, giggled and told us that she has a chocolate brown lab of her own named Molly.  Ho, ho, ho I’d like to meet this Molly girl myself!  Maybe I can entice her to come over to the cheese burger picnic!  I’ll get Daddy to throw on a few extra burgers for Molly with extra cheese too!  We’re on the invisible fence here and Kim says Molly has it at home too so she’d be used to it.  We could have the play date right here in my own back yard!!!  You back off Nicholas, Molly just might be my new girl, if she likes me!  I may be no Don Juan but when Buddy Bacon turns the charm on, the girls, they are fond!  Ho, ho, ho Molly girl, you come on over here to visit Big Buddy Bacon, the burgers are on the house!  Fire up that barbeque Daddy, Buddy’s throwing a Birthday Party!


May 21, 2014

Supper was a wee bit late last night as Mama was out listing a stunning new house at 6 John Street in Rothesay.  Daddy was looking after us but Mama says he can get a bit slack on keeping track of the time and keeping us on schedule! We know that Daddy is busy too and does his best.  Sounds like this house would be perfect for Nicholas and I as it has spacious rooms(good for big dogs) and a big fenced yard to play in.  It even has a pool!  How much fun could Buddy have in a pool?  Mama says I’d never come out of it!  With four fireplaces Nicholas would never be cold as he could curl right up in front of one, happy as a clam!  As the big Newf dawg I can’t stand too much heat myself so I’d choose to lay on the cool tiled floor myself in the winter and to keep me cool in the hot weather it has air conditioning!  Love it!  Mama says I may get shaved a bit this summer to help me stay cool.  Not too much Mama, I don’t want to look like a big geek, just go easy with the clippers! As the company mascot, I have an image to uphold you know!

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!  No fun for Big Buddy Bacon when Nicholas, Mama or Daddy won’t come out and play with me in the rain!  I don’t know what their problem is, it makes me feel nice and cool but even Nicholas just runs out to do his business and then right back in the house.  What a wis he is (tell me, I didn’t just say that).  I did get to the beach for about 30 minutes on Saturday at Haggerty’s Cove.  Just starting to really get into it, had two good swims, a few runs down the beach with my bro and three really good rolls in the sand (this makes Daddy crazy because then I get sand all through the cottage!) and then it starts to rain!  Right away Mama starts gathering us up, shouting “It’s raining, it’s raining, quick to the cottage”.  What the heck, it’s just a little rain, we’re not made of sugar.  Well Big Buddy Bacon is not but maybe Mama is cause I think she just sweet!  When she smiles at me and tells me what a good handsome boy I am, I could just melt!  It’s been raining ever since Saturday afternoon and not looking good for the week either.  “Rain rain go away, Buddy Bacon wants to play!”

May 13

Mama is hosting an agent’s open house today at 33 Bernard Court in Quispamsis. Everyone on the team is running around busy making sure all is ready and as close to perfection as they can make it. We overheard her on the phone ordering a big dark chocolate cake with boiled icing from the Irving Convenience to serve the other agents! Heather is picking it up this morning all freshly made! Holy Toledo’s! That’s our favourite. Mama says she’s trying to entice the agents to drop by and view what she calls a “gorgeous new listing with a panoramic river view up and down the Kennebecasis River. One of the best river views she’s seen in year!” Nicholas and I would drop by ourselves for a piece of that cake but she says, “no way”! I politely remind her that we are the company mascots and an important part of Team Platinum but that didn’t fly either.

Steven’s at 29 Grove Ave, Rothesay. A house with a big private yard and big pool! That’s not far from our house. I wonder what he’s serving. If we weren’t on this darn Invisible Fence we could slip over there and check it out. Steven’s a nice guy, he knows we like treats, he’d slip us something I’m sure! A treat and a swim in the big pool, sounds like Heaven to me! (Wish the vet hadn’t told Mama that I need to cut back on the treats! Is the guy trying to ruin all my fun?)

Everyone on the Platinum team loves us, especially the girls. That Nicholas is always trying to kiss them and then they giggle and shove him away and he kisses them some more. (They didn’t nick name him Romeo at the dog park for nothing, the guys certainly got an eye for the ladies).

I say something needs to change around here! We’re not allowed at the public open houses and now we find out we’re not allowed at the agent open house to share in the goodies either! Mama says she’s not worried about Nicholas but I’m not safe around a chocolate cake. The woman is going to give me a complex! She thinks if she turns her back, I’d devour it. Is someone having trust issues? (I can’t say they’re not warranted)! Best I can hope for is she’ll bring us home a little piece. Paws crossed and hoping! “Nicholas you cross your paws too!” Nicholas, “Okay, okay Dude, they’re crossed, see they’re crossed!”

May 9!

Happy Mother’s Day on May 11th from Big Buddy Bacon! To all of you mothers out there Nicholas and I say kudos to you and all that you do! The big things, the small things, the fun things, the boring; the rough things, the tough thing, the slow thing, the souring! You do it all because you love us so much and it’s our day to show you that we love you too! We agree with Mama when she says, “If your dog thinks you’re the greatest, don’t seek a second opinion!”

We’re happy to have our Mama home with us this Sunday. No open houses on Mother’s Day for Mama, her buyers and sellers are spending the day with their families and Mama says the ladies will all be Queen for a day! We’re just waiting to see what Daddy does to make Mama feel like a Queen. Does that mean we’ll be Princes for a day too? Prince Buddy & Prince Nicholas, kind of has a nice ring to it.

We know we’re the happiest just spending time with Mama & Daddy. Maybe they’ll take us to do something special! Paws crossed and hoping!

We know that Mama has a big day on Monday showing waterfront properties. She’d better eat her Wheaties cause she’ll be hitting the ground running! It’s an out of town buyer so she’ll be describing all the pluses of our beautiful Saint John River, Grand Bay, the Kennebecasis River Valley and the inland waterways. Nicholas and I could do that job pretty easily! We go swimming in the river in the summer and also the Bay of Fundy.

Who has more fun in the water than us and our furry friends? I do more of the swimming in the Bay than Nicholas, me being the big Newfoundland dog and all. Cold water doesn’t bother me any, I actually find it quite refreshing. If Mama holds onto me in the water I easily take her right back to shore! Not that she’s getting into the Bay of Fundy all that often but usually several times a summer with our lovely friends at New River (it has to be a hot day for Mama to get it). Daddy says “You’re crazy, the waters too cold!”

I hate to admit it but Nicholas is the faster swimmer (Border Collie mixed with something larger, we have no idea what). He may be fast (and he likes to dive) but he’s not built like me, he’s so slim he can’t take a lot of time in the cold water. I have to admit the guy is one fast runner too! When he’s flat out down that beach you don’t want to get in his way. Mama says if he was a human boy she’d put him in the Olympics! Sometimes I think he’s just showing off (that’s when I try to trip him or grab him by the tail)! “Who said that?”

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May 7

My brother Nicholas
My brother Nicholas

Have to say that Nicholas and I had a fantastic time at the beach on Saturday!!! First swim of the year and the little guy went absolutely nuts at the beach He ran like the wind and dug huge holes in the sand which was flying 10 feet out behind him. Mama threw the ball for him to play fetch, his very, very favourite game in the whole World, bar none! Me, I just wanted to swim! And swim I did. I ran straight for the water and waded right in. This is the Bay of Fundy and I didn’t even feel the cold. Mama says I float like a boat! Nicholas went in to his ankles and that was enough for him. I also walked the beach a bit with Daddy looking for beach glass, then time for another swim! We were pooped afterward and slept the entire way home and had a pretty quiet evening after a nice supper. A great first day at the beach this season, we were two very happy dogs!

Mama and The Team are all excited this week about their big sale at 66 Park Drive in Kennebecasis Park. Mama says the sellers are two of the nicest people she’s ever met and they have two really sweet dogs our age, Casey & Finnigan (better known as Finnie)! Casey is a Golden Doodle (Nicholas had one of those in his grade 1 class at school) and Finnie is a Golden Retriever. I said we wouldn’t mind meeting those two and they live nearby too. From how Mama describes them they sound like they are pretty high energy dudes and that’s right up our alley! Maybe we can get Mama to arrange a play date! I’ll get Nicholas to sit up and try to look really sweet and slant his eyes just so at Mama (you know she’ll give him anything he wants)! She’s a real sucker for that old slant eye trick! She says we’d have to be on our best behaviour (are we ever any other way? ha. Don’t ask Daddy that). Paws crossed and hoping on the play date!

PS – I’ve been getting a lot of emails of people asking what Nicholas looks like so I’m including a photo of him in his work suit with his plaid shirt collar and Prudential blue tie! It was made for him by our Auntie Blue who lives in Rothesay with our Uncle Clinton and our cousins Lucas and Myra, the toy Pomeranian twins! They are cute and yappy, look like fluffy balls, the colour of a fox. They are sweet but I’m so big and they’re so small I’m terrified I might step on them!

May 3!

Here I am on my second day in the blogging world! Nicholas and I were surprised to get so many nice emails, thank you! I read each one to him.

We’re so happy to see such a bright blue sky sunny day!!! Mama promised to do something special with us today since she’s working tomorrow at her open house at 59 Anchorage Ave in Millidgeville from 2-4. She says its waterfront with a fabulous panoramic view! I said we don’t care about the view, if it’s waterfront why can’t Nicholas and I come along for a swim!

We saw the pictures and there is a nice staircase right down to the water. Perfect! Easy access! Mama says there is no way we’re coming to open houses. She can’t baby sit us and considerate on the potential buyers at the same time. We keep telling her, “We don’t need babysitting!

Nicholas is two and I’m going to be two in July, we’re big boys now. Plus we’re fantastic swimmers; if the little guy gets in trouble I’ll pull him out, as a Newfoundland dog that’s what I do! We’ll stay down at the water out of the way and show the people just how much fun you can really have with a waterfront property!” She says “Forget it, it’s not going to happen, no unsupervised swimming and you two are not coming to open houses.” Okay, okay, okay I’ve got it, no open houses for me and Nicholas (or is it Nicholas and I.. Whatever).

To make up for it Mama is taking us to the beach today!!! We’re going to run, run, run and swim, swim, swim! The sand will be flying and our ears will be straight out behind us! Daddy says, “We’re crazy, it’s too cold out”. He seems to tell us we’re crazy a lot but we just said, “Hey big Daddy, bundle up and get on the band wagon, roll that truck out and let’s head to the beach because we’re going to have a real fun, fun, fun day!

May 1!

My name is Benjamin Bartholomew Bacon, (better known as Big Buddy Bacon) and my mother sells real estate.  I live in Rothesay on the 3rd tee of Riverside Golf Course with my father and mother and my older brother (by six months, I’m one and a three quarter and he’s two), Nicholas Copernicus Bacon.  We may be mutts from the shelter but we’ve got pretty high flouting names!  Nicholas and I are both rescue dogs from the SPCA, myself from Gatineau Que. and Nicholas from Dartmouth NS.  Our mother found us on-line through a Google Search, can you imagine!  I told Nicholas, “we hit the jackpot that day, we surely did bucko”!  If ever two orphaned dogs were loved it’s us!  People say we are spoiled rotten but Mama corrects them saying yes we are spoiled but we’re certainly not rotten!

Because our mother sells real estate we live with her crazy schedule!  Mama makes sure that we are rarely alone though because Heather, her assistant, is always with us Monday to Friday 9-5.  We like Heather.  She keeps us good company and lets us in and out if the need be (even slips us a few treats but keep that one on the down low!) while mother is out showing houses and all the things she does.  We hear Mama is a good agent but then again we’re more than a little biased! If we were looking to buy a new home there is no one else we’d rather see them with!  We like to lie beside her desk when she’s working at the computer.  She spends many hours on the computer answering emails, talking to clients, making up advertisements and planning sale strategies.  Every so often she gives our heads a rub and tells us what good sweet boys we are!  Are we in Heaven, nope but its darn close!