Blogging With Buddy, April 27th, 2018

Spring is sprung!    Buyers are out in full force especially on the sunny days looking at homes with Mama and Charlie as well as others with their agents through the MLS.  This MLS is a wonderful system allowing all Realtors from all agencies to gather information for their perspective buyers and show them their favourite properties.  You can only choose one agent to list with but every agent can show your house and write an offer on it.  It’s important to choose your Realtor carefully; someone with plenty of experience in your price range, who has your best interest at heart, will do their upmost to sell your home for the best possible price in a timely manner, who will honour your privacy keeping your personal information to themselves and most importantly someone you trust!  After all this is the largest personal transaction of your life!  That’s why Mama and Charlie chose their new slogan, Experience-Integrity-Discretion.  Did you know in some countries such as England and Australia they do not have the MLS?  Only one agent can list a house there and that same agent is the only one who can show it and write an offer on it!  Very different from our system here.  Also, the home owners do not leave but are present during the showings.  Britts and Ausies are always shocked when they find out that they can see any house listed on our MLS with the same agent and have a private showing with the house all to themselves to freely discuss their likes and dislikes.

I got into a wee bit of trouble last week.  Mama had Nicholas and I down to Riverside Park for a walk.  We were strolling along and when we got near the new structure I saw my chance and made a run for the beach!!!  I took off all I could go with Mama running after me, calling, “Buddy, Buddy”  I couldn’t help myself I ran as fast as I could right down the beach and jumped right in the river!!!  It felt soooo good, my first swim of the year.  Mama stopped at the edge of the water and started laughing at me.  She couldn’t even scold me for running away as I was leisurely gliding through the water with a big smile on my face.  Nicholas went in to his ankles and jumped back out.  Mind you it was a bit nippy so I didn’t stay in long but let me tell you I felt like a million bucks when I got out.  I was soaking wet, walking back to my truck with water running off me.  Good think Mama keeps a towel in the back for just such circumstances!!!

If I can get back down there again, I’ll probably try the same trick!  Hope to see you around over the weekend.  I’ll be out in my yard helping Papa with the spring cleaning and Mama will be popping in and out as she shows houses.  Have a good one.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, April 20, 2018

Spring is certainly here now, it’s time for RugbyFest!  The sun is shining, sky is blue, temps are rising and RugbyFest 2018 is underway at RNS all weekend with 40 teams competing from across the Atlantic provinces and beyond!  I know when the cars are lined up and down Rothesay Road and the local police are directing traffic up College Hill Road that the games have begun!  Great fun for the entire family!  There is nothing Nicholas and I enjoy more than a good ball game, it’s almost too exciting, more than the little guy can handle since he’s the total ball fanatic.  Now he’s asking for a new rugby ball for his birthday.  But his birthday isn’t until Christmas so he’s trying to get me to ask for one since my birthday is just around the corner in May.  I told him I’d think about cause as much as I love rugby there were a few other items at the top of my list so we’ll see.

This is one of our favourite balls, our Kick-Fetch with grab-hold so that we can grab it and run!  It’s super tough and even I can’t rip it apart!  Nicholas absolutely loves it!

Mama and Charlie are hitting the ground running!  Spring is always this way in the real estate business, when the weather starts to warm buyers get the bug and want to take a closer look.  Some are downsizing, some want one level, families with young children often want two-storey!  Some are upsizing and going for their dream on large private lots and waterfront where they can dock the boat right out front or enjoy a bonfire on their own beach.  One thing is for sure New Brunswickers are on the move!  We’ve had buyers in town in the past two weeks from California, two groups from Vancouver, Toronto and all the way from Dubai!  The locals aren’t letting any dust settle around their feet either as they’re out and about looking for the new place that they will call home!  I don’t know who’s having more fun Mama or Charlie but it’s easy to tell that they love what they do!

Watch for details of Charlie and Mama’s Global Luxury listing, an exquisite 5500 square foot cedar log home on over 35 private acres!!!  Talk about luxury digs!  In-floor hot water heating, 18 foot ceiling in the great room, granite and black cherry custom kitchen, awesome gym,  massive wrap around covered deck, four fireplaces…  the list goes on!  One bedroom on the main level and three additional on the second floor and three 1/2 bathrooms.  This is the avid car-collectors dream with two 30′ x 30′ 3-car log garages with heat, air conditioning and built-in storage and work benches plus a multi car 40 x 50′ heated garage with 10,000 pound hydraulic lift.  Or maybe you’d have other uses for these awesome garages!  This is just a teaser of the luxurious inclusions that come with this special property!  This is what the Budster calls living large!  Stay posted for more!

In a few months the golf courses will be opening with the snow pretty well gone and the grass just barley starting to turn green.  Nicholas and I have been enjoying our daily walks but it’s been so cold that we didn’t really feel like it’s spring!  Today is a bit different, the birds are singing and I’ve got a bit more spring in my step!

Four open houses this weekend!  Two on Saturday, 2-4pm at 6 Fairweather Lane in Rothesay bordering RNS and same time at 82 Nerepis Road in Westfield with panoramic view of Grand Bay.  Then on Sunday our waterfront condos in Drury Cove are open from 2-4pm at 19 and 21 Upper Deck Lane!  Stop by to say “hello”, we look forward to seeing you.  Have a great weekend and talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, April 13, 2018

Although many are leery of Friday the 13th, it was my Grampy Wiggins’ lucky day! Every thing good happened to him on this day and he always looked forward to it in his business dealings.  It’s a lucky day for Mama and Charlie too with conditions being met on one of their recent sales today!

I haven’t seen as much of Mama lately as she’s been out and about at showings and listings but she loves what she does and doesn’t seem to mind the long hours that come with the job in springtime.  As she always says, “It beats the alternative!”

Talking about springtime, where is it really?  With below freezing temperatures at night and sometimes in the mornings too, no one in my family seems happy about it except me.  But then again if they had my big double coat they wouldn’t be doing so much bellyaching about it!  The crocuses are up in my garden!!!  My first real sign of spring.  They are on the south side of the property in a protected nook so flowers in this area always pops up first.  So much yard work to do in the spring.  Nicholas and I will continue to supervise Mama and (mostly) Papa as they get our yard shipshape for summer.  He already has the gravel swept off our grass near the street and has started working on the south side.  We bark encouragement every once in awhile to keep him going.

It’s been a rough week for us all especially out Auntie Blue, Uncle Clinton and cousin Myra as we lost our little cousin Lucas on Wednesday.  The little toy Pomeranian was 12 years old and had been struggling with health issues for the past 4 years.  Only the tender loving care of Auntie Blue and the excellent naturopathic care of Bogdan Ciolanescu working together gave Lucas the quality of life he enjoyed for the past four years.  We will all miss our dear little cousin who was always so upbeat and happy, such a feisty little trooper.


Two sweet little twins.                   This is Myra on the left & Lucas on the right.

Charlie has two open houses this weekend on Sunday back to back.  From 12:30 to 2:00 he is at 39 Peters Hill Road, Kingston at a lovely side split on 3.14 acres only 10 minutes from Kredl’s Market priced at $214,900.  Then from 2:15 until 4:00 he’s at 41 Kelti Avenue in Hampton at a lovely 5-bedroom, 3 1/2 bath family home with finished basement and inviting covered porch and pool (fun, fun, fun) priced at $324,000.  Stop by for a look and say hello to Charlie for me while you’re there!

39 Peter Hill, Kingston                                 41 Kelti Avenue, Hampton

Hope you have a great weekend, don’t work too hard in your yard.  Maybe it’s time to fire up the barbeque for the first time this spring although you’ll probably want to eat indoors.  I’m going to suggest it to Papa, paws crossed and hoping!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy April 6th, 2018

Another productive week as we sail into April and our busiest season of the year, Spring!  Mama and Charlie are eating their Wheaties and hitting the ground running as they enjoy working with local and out of province buyers as they pick them up at the airport and have what Mama likes to call the whirlwind tour of the city and the valley finding the home of their dreams and making their offer. Last weekends tour was with a new client coming in from Newfoundland and ended up with an accepted offer on a Rothesay home priced in the midrange and this morning their latest buyer flies in from BC for viewings and purchase of a high-end home.  Nicholas, Bella and I are the cheering squad, “Go Mama and Charlie, go!”

We’re all extremely excited about our latest Global Luxury listing which we consider to be our areas most luxurious condominium at 19 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove.  We say this not only for the high-end cherry floors, cabinetry and built ins, two fireplaces, two master suites both with walk-in closets and ensuite baths but a most important factor is the 4-car heated garage!!!  This is unheard of for a condo in our area and adds so much to the lifestyle here are not only can you accommodate 2 or more vehicles but also your motorcycles, kayak, bikes, dingy, snowmobile or simply additional storage space.  Showings start Sunday so call and book your private appointment to view quickly and avoid disappointment.

Three open houses this weekend for Mama and Charlie all between 2 and 4pm starting Saturday at 79 Cedar Grove Crescent priced at  $225,000.  A full brick ranch with very private city setting near Rockwood Park and Mount Pleasant Avenue.  Then Sunday, same time at 433 Pelton Road in Millidgeville, priced at $488,500.  This custom home features not only a panoramic view of the river but comes with beach rights on sandy point beach a wonderful fine sand beach!!!  Also on Sunday, we invite you to view 60 Meadow Drive on Darlings Island priced at $560,000.  This is a one of a kind custom cedar home on 2.3 beautifully manicured acres with 2 fireplaces, soaring ceilings and features galore!


79 Cedar Grove Crescent        433 Pelton Road, Millidgeville

60 Meadow Drive, Darlings Island

Looks sunny for the weekend but cool so drop in for a visit at our open houses, warm up by the fireplace and say hello.  We look forward to seeing you.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon