Blogging With Buddy, August 15th, 2014

Hope you are all having a great summer!  Little more rain than most would like but rain doesn’t bother Big Buddy Bacon! I know Nicholas and I are a  bit of a nuisance when we come in soaking wet looking for a nice dry-down.  We have our own big towels with paw print design on them just for us (okay we may be a little spoiled).  We love getting a rub down and our paws must be dried before we darken the door of the house.  There’s a little sign handing on our back door that says “Wipe your paws please”.

If you are out and about on the weekend the team are having another destination open house, this Sunday 2-4pm at Kingston Peninsula. Steven, Candace and Kim are hosting three very nice properties on the Peninsula, all completely different with attractive features ranging from waterfront to large acreage, heritage homes to new with all the bells and whistles!  Whatever you’re wanting for a gorgeous summer home or year-round retreat stop by and check them out this Sunday.  While you’re there let the team know that you think Nicholas and I should be allowed to work these open houses!  So far all we’ve heard is “NO”.  We can easily demonstrate the great swimming, running in the open fields, chasing squirrels up a tree and all the many great pastimes your pets and children will enjoy at these special properties. We’re counting on your support, so back us up here!  My direct email is and don’t worry I’ll read whatever you send to Nicholas and forward it on to Mama.

Blogging with Buddy, August 1st, 2014

imageBuddy Bacon here crossing my paws and hoping for good weather and more than a few good swims in the Bay of Fundy this New Brunswick Day Weekend!  Mama and Team Platinum have been unbelievably busy with listings, showings and sales and Nicholas and I are hoping for some quality time with her and Daddy over the weekend.

Team Platinum have been very busy with “Destination Open Houses” around Southern New Brunswick showcasing our listings.  They were in Kingston Peninsula last weekend with Steven at a gorgeous waterfront ranch retreat at 3 Clifton Wharf Road, Kim Burt at 1520 Route 845 a mint condition century home on 96 scenic acres and Candace at 3036 Route 845, a stunning newer home designed as a century farm house!  This is a hot property with 30 plus people at her open house, an unheard of number of visitors on the Peninsula!

This weekend Steven is the “Host with the Most” as he showcases a stunning ocean view property at 2357 Route 111 St. Martins with a Weekend Extravaganza Saturday from 2–4pm and Sunday from 1-4pm.  This well-built home on 5.4 acres overlooks the Bay of Fundy and the famous “Caves of St. Martins”.  If you are going for a drive to the Fundy Trail over the weekend drop in and say “Hi” to Steven.

Sunday August the 10th is set aside for Waterfront Open Houses on beautiful Belleisle Bay.  Check back for a list of address’ coming soon!  Waterfront, think I can go???

My little brother Nicholas has been in some trouble in the last week as he hasn’t been listening to Mama or Daddy when they call him and basically just doing his own thing!  I just love to hang around Daddy and when we’re at the beach and he’s looking for pretty beach glass I could walk with him for hours!  We walk and he talks to me, I stop for a swim and then walk with him some more, Heaven!  Not our little Nicky!  He’s forever exploring and running and looking to see what he can get into next!  Usually there is nothing you could get into at the beach but last Sunday some people came near the beach with a power boat and Nicholas jumped in the water and tried to swim out to them.  We’d never seen a boat before and he wanted to have a closer look.  He was heading straight out into the Bay of Fundy and Mama’s heart was in her throat as that water is too cold for a long swim for a slim little guy like Nicholas.  I was on the leash so I couldn’t go out and get him as the cold water has no effect on me with my big Newfoundland coat!  Daddy wouldn’t let me off the leash he said bad enough we had one out there we don’t need two!  The boat turned and left and Nicholas did come back to shore but Mama and Daddy were not happy and our day at the beach was immediately over and we went home!  Thanks for ruining my fun day at the beach Nicholas!  This week Mama had the trainer come and do more work with Nicholas so he will come when called.  The trainer said he is very smart and got quickly back on track.  TG because I just couldn’t take a New Brunswick summer where I wasn’t allowed at the beach!  You better be good Nicholas, big brother Buddy is going to be watching you very closely!