Blogging with Buddy November 22, 2019

Have you ever thought about being in a new home for Christmas?  Have you walk into a showing and visulized where you would stand the Christmas tree in that home.  Can you imagine serving Christmas Dinner by candlelight in your new dining room or baking Christmas cookies with children or grandchildren in an awesome kitchen with sparkling new appliances and possibly double ovens?  There’s still time with many properties available for quick closing!  If a property is empty, and on land titles (which 99% are these days) lawyers can now actually close them in three days!  Gone are the days where closings took a minimum of thirty days.  Mama has tested this, selling and closing a property within 3 days here in Rothesay.  Keep in mind that both the buyers laywer and the sellers lawyer need to be on board to make this happen so you’ll want to check with them first!

We’ve been as busy as bees getting our house ready for Santa.  A week ago we got the outside all done (it was a big job) and we’ve been puttering away in the evenings inside, after Mama is finished work.  Mama and Papa always put up a real fir tree for Christmas in the foyer Christmas week but Nicholas and I have our own little artificial tree.  We don’t have it up yet of course, it’s too early for that but we’ll be pulling it out in a couple of weeks along with all our beloved animal ornaments.  Nicholas just loves it and I do too.  Most of the ornaments are dogs and cats but we also have some squirels, raccoons, bears, deer, mice, ect.  Mama has been collecting them for a long time and they’ve been passed down to us from William and Buffy (the cats) Freckles, Theodore andLaddie (the dogs).  We treasure each one, ohhing and aweing,  as they are unwrapped and placed on the tree.  We have little mini coloured lights and a small santa sits on the top of the tree.  When it’s all done we just lay and stare at it, mesmerized!  We’ll show you some pictures when it’s all up and decorated this year.   Here are some pics of what we did outside.


This is the wreath Nicholas and I had chosen for the front door!  We think it’s totally appropriate as you know asa anyone knocks on the door or a squirel even scampers across the yard we let Mama and Papa know that somethings going on!

No open houses this weekend but we will have one next Sunday December 1st at 70 Dunedin Road in Rothesay from 2-4pm.  Please note the date!  MLS#NB036677  Offered at $549,000.  This stone character home has a lovely view of the Kennebecasis River, large foyer, huge living room with 10′ ceiling and wood burning fireplace, spacious dining room and modern granite kitchen!

Don’t you think this little guy all done up with his cosy hat and scarf looks like our new neighbour little Duff Black?  The picture on the left is Duff’s baby picture when he arrived here.  We think they could be twins!!!  Duff is about 6 months old now and he sure is a little sweetheart!  Runs like the wind!!!  Mama has already preparred Nicholas to the fact that he won’t be able to keep up with Duff once Duff’s full grown.  Nicholas wasn’t impressed, he thinks he’s a speed demon and he is but he’ll be 8 on Christmas Day so not quite as quick as he used to be.

Hope you have a good weekend and if you’re out and about dress warm!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy November 15th, 2019

Is your home all winterized and ready for some nasty winter weather over the months to come?  The experts have been saying we may be in for some severer winter weather this year and we’ve been busy getting our ducks in a row here.  First we raked all our autumn leaves, bagged them and put them out for composte pick up.  Actually we had a blast brazing through the piles of leaves while Mama and Papa tried to rake them!  Then we drove the markers in the driveway (actually Papa did it) so the snowblower will know exactly where to navigate around the yard.  Then Mama had our furnace fine tuned and filters changed so we’d get maximum performace out of it this winter and we had our fireplaces cleaned and checked as well as all our windows washed.  When you live in the northern hemisphere you just can’t be too careful when preparing your property for the snowy weather.  Now Mama says we’re getting the outside ready for Christmas this weekend.  It’s a huge job with a dozen24″ planters to fill with greens and decorations as well as the window box on the shed plus the hanging baskets.  Then it’s on to the big task!!!  Mama’s humungous  6 foot wreath at the front entrance needs to be converted to winter and what a job that is.  Up and down the ladder many times with Mama and Papa doing the big conversion.  They work together well and have it down to a science now but it still takes about two days before it’s tweaked to perfection!  They have been waiting for some milder weather to get at it (need big coats like the Budster) and it’s sounding good for this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted and show you some pictures when it’s finished.

New listing on 156.5 acres in Kingston with well-built 3 bed/2bath home, oversized 2-car garage and view of the St. John River.  Mature trees and miles of trails for hiking, biking, 4-wheeling and cross country skiing!  All right on your own property. 3574 Route 845, MLS#NB036882, priced at $425,000.

12 Bitterroot Lane , Quispamsis MLS#NB036871 is on the market for $399,900!  This brand new home has 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, open concept, fireplace, stunning quartz kitchen, hardwood floors, loft, finished basement, generator hookup, economical ductless heat pump and insulated 2-car garage!  It’s withing walking distance of the ever popular Q-Plex, walking trails and one of mine and Nicholas’ favourite places ‘The Dog Park’!!!  This is the perfect family home for children and pets alike!  Give Charlie or Mama a call and check it out!

If you’re hitting the stores this weekend, brace yourselves.  Nicholas and I stopped at a few this week in the back of our red SUV and we can tell you it was a total zoo!!!  Have a good week and we’ll talk soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy November 8th, 2019

Who’s the happiest guy in Rothesay, me or Nicholas?  If there is one thing we love it’s snow!!!  Pristine, crystal clear white, cold, snow.  The happiest day of our year is the first snow day and here it is!  We were estatic when Mama opened the door this morning and there is was in all it’s glory.  I just blinked my eyes a few times and flew out the door bounding across the lawn while Nicholas went flying past me leaping in the air like a banshee.  We both got down and rolled and rolled with goofy smiles on our faces.  Man that feels good.  I’m sure Mama thinks were crazy!  She comes out all bundled up against the elements just laughing at the two of us who are having so much fun.  She goes back in and leaves us there because she knows on the first day of snow we won’t be rushing to get back in the house.  She rallys Papa around and they come back out to take us for a nice long walk where we explore every nook and cranny along the trail.  Oh joy, oh bliss.  Mama and Papa aren’t as excited as we are to say the least.  We hear them talking about slippery driving, wearing heavy coats and boots ; oveall not too enthusiastic!  We say, “Come on guys, get with the program!  This is it for the next five or six months so you might as well suck it up and look on the bright side!”  As I like to say, “Suck it up Buttercup!”

All conditions were met on two more sales yesterday!  First at 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road in Kingston, MLS#NB035330, $412,000, our new listing with 18 scenic acres on the water, sold the first day on the market (in that huge storm we had) with two backup offers waiting on the sidelines.  Second is our Exclusive listing at 75 Kingshurst Lane, Rothesay, $985,000 with 1 full acre of waterfront privacy overlooking Minister’s Face.

129 Gorhams Bluff Road, Kingston SOLD

75 Kingshurst Lane, Rothesay SOLD

The mortgage rates are insanely low as banks battle for your business making this the best  time in decades to lock in 5-year terms or even 10-year!  Coldwell Banker has invited several different bankers to our weekly meeting to fill in the agents on the latest bank offerings and let’s just say it’s very impressive to say the least!  Buying a house has never been soooooo affordable.  Don’t miss the boat, call Mama or Charlie today!  I love the weekly meetings as Kevin sneaks me have a piece of muffin.  He knows blueberry are my favourite and when I pour on the puppy dog eyes, he just can’t resist!

Well hopfully I’ll be doing lots of walking on the trails this long weekend.  I can tell you that Nicholas and I are up for it!  Monday is Remembrance Day and Mama has explained to us the gift of service from our heroic veterns so that we could stay a free country here in Canada.  It’s why we say “Lest we forget!”  Whenever you see a vertern don’t forget to say “Thank you for your service”.  They risked their lives so that we could live free!  And be sure to wear your poppy proudly!

Lest We Forget

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy Nov 1st, 2019

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night!  Not sure why we do this as it certainly messes up everyone’s schedules.  Mama says we’ll have to be off the trails Sunday by 5:30pm because it will be dark so early!  Nicholas and I don’t like it.  We enjoy having our big walk of the day at dusk and now this will be cutting into supper time.  We’re now going to have to switch things up and walk first and then supper later.  Why do we do it?  Everyone is complaining and no one seems to want it!  Experts say there are more car accidents the Monday morning after the time change than any day of the year and strokes are actually up 8.2% that day!!!  Mama says it has something to do with 100 years ago or so and the farmers needing daylight in the morning to milk the cows.  I say they now have LED lights so give the rest of us a break!  The experts are saying that you should try to sleep in the extra hour to give your body a chance to readjust your body clock.  Nicholas and I like that idea, we’ll sleep in with Papa but knowing Mama she’ll now be up an hour earlier trying to rally us around for an early morning walk!

  Set your clock back 1 hour Sat night!

We’re excited about our waterfront open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 1 Malabeam Lane, Sagamore Point, Rothesay  MLS#NB028280 offered at $548,000.  The charming raised ranch comes with wonderful kitchen with gas stove, 3 fireplaces, finished daylight walkout basement, 2 full acres of privacy and beach rights to a neighbouring fine sandy beach!  We’ve been anxiously waiting for the completion of a 6 foot seawall/berm and it’s all finished and looking good, alleviating any concern of flooding in springtime.  Mama welcomes you to drop by for a look!

So happy to see a clear sunny weekend ahead after all that rain and high winds!!!  Poor little Nicholas was nervous in the wind and tried to hide under Mama’s desk.  Nothing much bothers the big Budster!  Have a good weekend and we’ll see ya real soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon