Blogging with Buddy, October 30th, 2015

What a nice surprise!  We bumped in to our old friends Jennifer and Apollo on the Allison Trails this week.  Wow has he ever grown into a handsome Bernese.  He is as tall as me now but not as (shall we say) stocky.  He had just come from the groomer and his black coat was just shinning.  He is two years old now and still very frisky.  He had a great time romping with Nicholas in the tall grass.  Mama, Daddy and Jennifer had a great laugh at the fiasco the three of us put on.  We hope to run into them again really soon.

We are getting all ready for Halloween.  Nicholas is going to be a pirate and I’m going to be a baby.  Can you imagine, a   B A B Y!  My Auntie Blue gave me a big blue baby bonnet to wear and an over-sized soother to hang around my neck and then Mama made me this great big white diaper from an old sheet.  I tried it on and the whole family was just hooting with laughter.  Nicholas kept trying to rip the diaper off me.  I think he’s trying to tell me something.  Nicholas and I are going to go trick or treating across the street at our friend Everett’s house.  I wonder if he’ll recognize us, Nicholas doesn’t think so !

We had a visit last week from our new friends Bonny and Murray.  They are real dog people and we really like them.  I sat right up beside Murray on the couch and he talked to me and rubbed my white chest.  Heaven!  (see pic attached).  He told me that I’m the most beautiful big dog he’s ever seen, (just keep it coming Murray!).  Hope to see them again real soon!

This Monday our cousins Myra and Lucas are leaving for Florida for the winter.  They are all packed and set to go, eager to be on the road.  They are really good travellers with our Uncle Clinton at the wheel and our Auntie Blue giving directions.  They are getting out of Dodge before the snow flies.  Myra and Lucas weigh about 5 pounds each, they can’t take the cold and snow like Big Buddy Bacon.  They’d die if they saw us in the heart of winter with me rolling around making Snow Angles  and Nichols running like a Banshee up and down the snow drifts wide open!  We love it but it’s not for toy Pomeranians.  They’ll be out driving around their neighbourhood in Uncle Clinton’s golf cart with the warm breeze blowing through their beautiful long red hair.  We’ll share the pics when we get them.

More open houses this weekend with Mama at the gorgeous 36 Maliseet Drive in Rothesay with the awesome Wolfe kitchen that she keeps ranting about!  Steven is at 43 Bel Air Avenue in Rothesay Landing, the brand new high-end bungalow by McKay Builders with all the bells and whistles.  Drop by to say hello, they are both always happy to see you and show off the stunning homes of Prudential Platinum Properties!  You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Haunting!

Your Pal,

Buddy BaconPaw Print

Buddy & Nicholas  with Murray Thanksgiving 2015
Nicolas and I with our friend Murray

Blogging with Buddy, October 16th, 2015

Oh, Nicholas and I totally enjoyed our turkey dinners last Sunday!  Daddy is not too keen on turkey so Mama only cooks it for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We absolutely love it and really look forward to the holidays.  Daddy always bellyaches about left-over turkey but yet he seems to lay right into it, and then complains of a tummy ache.  Daddy has been busy getting the yard ready for winter (dare I say the word) and has everything pristine and stored away, etc.  Mama says it never looked so good.

We’ve been enjoying our daily walks which have been just before dusk each evening.  Some days this week we saw awesome sunsets over the river with all the pretty reds, orange and yellows.  We also saw the Canada Geese take flight and fly over the river just at twilight, honking their loud horns and squawking like crazy.  It’s a pretty sight to see them take their V-formation.  A flock of them live on the golf course by our house and we see them fly over almost every night.  Nicholas would like a closer look but Mama says that is not going to happen.  They are quite large, probably as big as Nicholas.  But there is no bird around here as big as the Budster!

The Team are back hard at it with open houses this weekend, Sunday 2-4pm.  Steven is at 35 Elizabeth Parkway and we are at 8 Valley Road, both are in Hastings Cove, Kennebecasis Park, just one street apart.  Both are part of our Fine Homes International program as high-end executive-style homes.  Steven’s is on the waterfront with its own private beach and we have a gorgeous heated pool with very private yard.  The weather has been so awesome this autumn that those lucky enough to own a pool could keep them open longer than usual.  I keep telling Mama that we need a pool bust she says that since we are at New River Beach every weekend in the summer that the Bay of Fundy is Big Buddy’s pool!  Good thing I’m a Newf with a big thick coat cause I can tell you, if that’s my pool, it’s certainly not heated!!!  We hope you’ll drop by our open houses and say hello, Steven and Kim would love to take you on a tour.

Nicholas and I are planning some nice walks this weekend through the wood trails.  Mama says her and Daddy may take us to Rockwood Park, that would be a real treat!  So, get out there and enjoy this glorious weather because you know what’s just around the corner!  Our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton are talking about heading to Florida early this year.  We’re happy that they can go but we must say we really miss them when they’re gone!!  Those lucky little cousins, Myra and Lucas.  And Daddy says we’re spoiled!

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, October 9th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Big Buddy Bacon and his little brother Nicholas! Hope you are enjoy a sunny relaxing long weekend. The nights have been crisp but the days have been fabulous. We sure are looking forward to some quality time with Mama and Daddy with some nice long walks planned to admire the autumn foliage which is coming into all its glory now. Mama’s planning her big Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday. Our mouths just water thinking about that big juicy Butterball she’ll be pulling out of the oven tomorrow along with all the fixings. She’s been fussing over the autumn décor inside and out for days. Everything has to be just so (that’s the designer in her), driving Daddy crazy! We must say that he’s been a big help and we’ve been working right along with him doing what we can to keep him motivated and laughing. As long as Daddy stays laughing then all is copacetic!

On one of our walks this week over at Spy Glass Hill and the Allison trails we made a new friend. Well I should say I made a new friend. Lucy a 1 ½ year old Golden Doodle (more of a platinum blonde) was all over me! Mama thought with her high energy, jumping and bolting here and there that she’d be the perfect playmate for Nicholas but she took one look at the Big Budster and that was it! She didn’t even know he existed. Ran right up to my face, stood on her hind legs and wrapped both paws right around my neck, giving me a big hug. Whoa Bessy, don’t know what I did to deserve this, but keep it coming! I was frozen and just starred at her! Nicholas said I should have given her a kiss but not to a stranger that may come next week (stay posted). He raced around trying to distract her but she just hung with the Budster. Must be my glowing personality, shining black and white coat and manly physique! Nicholas eat your heart out!

The team are taking a well-deserved break this weekend from open houses to spend quality time with their families giving thanks with grateful hearts. Steven’s having a family get together, Pam’s planning not one but two turkey dinners and you know with her, it will be a full out autumn decoration extravaganza and full boar feast! Mama says there is absolutely nothings this lady can’t make to perfection!!! Nicholas and I were going to put our names forward for table scrapes at her house but Mama said it’s too late, her labs Molly and Abby are first in line and already drooling over the idea! Lucky dogs but our dinner here won’t be too shabby either! We bet our pals are just counting down the hours! To all our furry four legged friends we say “We’re with ya, Paws crossed and tongues hanging”!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday,

Your Pal,

Buddy image

One of Nicholas’ favourite places!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Nothing like a brisk run at Spyglass Hill to work up a fella’s appetite!

Blogging with Buddy, October 4th, 2015

We can feel the crispness in the air especially at night! Big Buddy Bacon loves the autumn when the nights are cool and the days are sunny and bright. This Friday I started my new exercise regime of walking each morning. Nicholas and I just love it! This Sunday morning at 8 am there wasn’t a soul to be seen as we walked the fields of Spy Glass Hill. Actually Mama and I walked and crazy Nicholas just ran wide open in huge acre-wide circles like the crazy boy he is. You’d never guess that he’s going to be four years old this Christmas. Everywhere we go people ask, “Apparently that one’s still a pup, how old is he?” They are shocked at the answer. Mama says that the Border Collie in him, bred to run. Oh I do a crazy little dance when I first get out of the truck, bouncing up and down and running about but it only lasts about ten minutes and then I calm down and walk beside Mama. She says I’m an excellent watch dog as I never let her out of my site when we are out and about. I stay close by her side especially when strangers are around, I get really close and she can feel me up against her leg. Nicholas just keeps playing leaving the serious work for me. Good thing we live in such a safe neighbourhood and all the people and dogs are so friendly. Yes I’m cute, cuddly and exceptionally friendly but I can tell you if anyone ever tried to hurt my Mama they’d be dealing with the business end of the Budster! Mama has nothing to worry about with me around.

Our deal friend Apollo got skunked Friday night! Poor boy! We know all about this as Nicholas got it last May. It was absolutely horrible! Mama gave Apollo’s mother the recipe for a homemade paste that works instantaneously!!! One coating of this stuff on Nicholas and it was over. I never so poor Nicholas look so forlorn in my life! I think he felt even worse than he smelt. The skunk got him right in the mouth. He came in the back door foaming at the mouth with his jaw locked tight and wouldn’t even drink water. Mama quickly wiped his mouth and got him a nice bowl of cold milk. He drank it right down and stopped foaming at the mouth immediately. She gave him a second bowl and we couldn’t believe the difference in him. Then our office manager, Pam Trites came over to show Mama how to mix up a paste concoction and Mama got him in the shower, applied the paste then rinsed him off. That was it, he was done. Good luck Apollo, our thoughts are with you and we know your Mama will take good care of you. Nicholas says, “stay away from those skunks!!!”

We are not staying at the camp overnight any more this year as Mama says it’s too cold at night for that now. Daddy, Nicholas and I disagreed but it didn’t get us too far. We went down on Saturday for a nice walk on the beach, a run for Nicholas, Mama and Daddy looking for beach glass and a really good swim for the Budster. I never know this time of year how many more swims I’ll get in so I’m taking advantage and loving every minute of it. We all know what’s just around the corner (snow), shush, Mama says I’m not allowed to talk about it after the winter from Hell we put in last year. I’m the only one in the family who enjoys it like I do. I could stay out for hours if they’d let me. This is what my big thick double Newf coat is made for. But more on that later. Little sissy Nicholas has a big fuzzy lined winter coat he has to wear to keep warm and he doesn’t stay out long like me. I ripped it right off him at the end of last winter, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I kept saying, “Nicholas take that stupid coat off, it’s May now.” He ignored me so ripppppp, off it came! Our Auntie Blue is giving it a make-over now with new fussy lining. She’s a Fantastic seamstress with a capital F on Fantastic! She can make anything! She’s making me a really cool Halloween costume now, it’s going to be awesome! I’ll show you some pictures at Halloween, stay tuned. Nicholas got his at the Walmart but mine is custom made. I hope no one recognises me, we plan to go door to door to visit a few neighbours/friends and pick up a few treats! Mama or Daddy will have to carry my bag. Mama says anyone will recognize my big black and white nose not much I can do to camouflage that. Nicholas has a blond wig so he thinks no one will know him. Oh the pressure! Hey all you furry friends out there, if you get your family to send me a pic of you wearing your costume before October 30th, I’ll post my favorites on my Halloween Blog!

Your Pal,

Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Sand flying everywhere, Nicolas likes to dig?
One of my last swims for the year. Not nippy for this Budster!