Blogging with Buddy July 28th, 2017

I met some new furry friends last weekend at Tommy’s Beach while Nicholas and I were out for my daily swim (doctors orders but who’s complaining!).  While I was out cruising around in the cool deep of the Bay of Fundy enjoying myself,  Nicholas (Super Dog Live), was challenging the other big dogs to a game of fetch out over the water.  The owners would throw the stick far out into the water and out the dogs would jump, as far as possible and then swim for it like their lives depended on it!  There was a Germain Shepherd, Golden Doodle and a  Lab/Rottweiler cross.  All big dogs, all loving the water.  The first two throws were caught by the Germain Shepherd, who’s papa had a strong arm and a good throw.  Poor Nicholas didn’t know what to think when he wasn’t the one getting the stick.  He looked all confused.  What just happened?  Someone threw a stick and I didn’t catch it.  “Oh, I get it, now I see, this isn’t the laid-back Budster I’m racing against!  This guy is a serious swimmer!!!  Okay, bring it on!”  The Shepherd’s Papa says, “my dog is very competitive”, Mama says, “That’s okay, mine is too”.  Well that was the last time anyone but Nicholas got the stick.  The little guy took it to a new level, leaping into the water and racing with strong strokes towards the stick.  He wasn’t as big as the other fellas but he’s lean, all muscle and like greased lightning.  He had a ball and it was a lot of fun for the Budster to watch.  Now if they want to try an endurance test, good luck to any of them including Nicholas to see who can stay in the frigid waters of the Bay of Fundy as long as the Bud.  Doesn’t bother me in the least with my big Newfie coat.

    Our Little Nicholas

We’re really excited about our new Exclusive waterfront listing with EZ dock and deep water anchorage on the Kennebecasis River!  The home is spectacular to say the least and as pristine as pristine can be inside and out.  Upscale features include 9- 16 foot ceilings, Palladian windows, main floor master bedroom, heated floors and the list goes on!  The chef’s gourmet kitchen is the crème de la crème with 6-burner Wolfe stove with grille, Wolf double overs, Wolfe drawer-style microwave, side by side full fridge and full freezer, stunning walk-in pantry and huge granite island with triple sinks!  Watch for our extensive detailed write-up and plenty of pics.  Brace yourself and be prepared to be “Wowed”!


Wishing you a good week, as we come truly into our summer now!  Hope to see you out and about.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy July 21st, 2017

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, the sunshine, low humidity, longer days and cool nights which are all part of our gorgeous weather in NB!  I’ve been enjoying my summer so far but I did get in a bit of trouble this week.  A few days I came up to the door looking rather wet and rather dirty (We’re on the Invisible Fence so Nicholas and I go where we please on the property).  Mama was freak’n, didn’t know what I was into, she thought I was into the brook but the water is low this time of year and it didn’t make sense to be as wet as I was.  Nicholas was arriving wet too but at different times.  We have a decorative pond at the front door but that hadn’t been disturbed!  What’s going on?  Nicholas and I just chuckled to ourselves and slipped into the house to get dried off while she ranted and raved.  Then yesterday she walked down across the lawn to let Papa know she was on her way out.  He was in the far corner of the property in an area shaded with trees that you can’t see from the house, it has a deck, waterfall and small pond.  I followed her down and while she was saying goodbye I couldn’t help myself I just jumped right in, kersplash!!!  Then they were both freak’n and our secret was out!!! Nicholas was sour that I let the cat out of the bag too.  They couldn’t see us from the house so they had no idea we were sneaking down for a refreshing dip and then to top things off having a roll in some dirt we found behind the garden shed.  We weren’t pretty and neither was the ragging out we got.  Haven’t been down there since.  We argued that we need a pool.  I wrecked my kiddy’s pool last year and Mama couldn’t find another one this spring.  I told her to look online and then we’ll get free shipping!  Nicholas watched some dogs in completive diving last week on TV and he thinks he could do it.  I think he could to.  We don’t call him Super Dog for nothing.  Now he want’s a real pool.  Can you see Big Bud Bacon diving into a pool.  Nicholas says it would be a belly flop!  The little stinker.

Busy weekend with three open houses this Saturday!  We’ve switched to our summer schedule as we know people are busy on Sunday with their cottages, boats, swimming, beaches and barbeques so we’re making our homes available on Saturday.  From 1pm -2:30 we’re at 241 and 229 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay.  Both gorgeous new homes still under warranty!  241 Eriskay, a ranch-style, is perfect for empty nesters and young professionals with exceptional value at a new price of $509,000 and 229 Eriskay, a two storey, is lovely for a family with all bedrooms featuring ensuite baths and an enticing price of $899,000.  Then from 3pm to 4:30 we at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove highlighting our inviting waterfront condominium with beautiful views of the cove, deep water anchorage and completely finished basement at $498,000.


241 Eriskay Drive                          229 Eriskay Drive                          21 Upper Deck Lane

Wishing you plenty of fun and sunshine this weekend and if you get a chance drop by and say hello on Saturday!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging With Buddy July 7th, 2017

Well, we just had another bidding war!  Mama and Amy have been as busy as bees this week finishing off with an exciting bidding war on our new waterfront listing on Duck Pond Lane today! You just never know what will end up being a “Hot Property”! The bidding was fast and furious this morning running into the afternoon with Mama at the helm keeping the vendors calm throughout a very exciting process! Nicholas and I just kept our noses to the grind-stone and stayed out of everyone’s way! Little Oliver Ouellet was here today too being as quiet as a mouse, he knew something big was in the works!

Mama’s new personal assistant Brittany Bulmer is nothing short of a wiz!  Mama says, “you show Brittany something once and that’s it, bam it’s done!”  Brittany has been busy getting to know our clients, helping them in any way she can and uploading our high-end listings to our new site at Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate where we are New Brunswick’s only representative!

I had lots of excitement this week with a very refreshing bath with a gentle sweet smelling aloe vera shampoo! My black coat is just shinning and everyone is saying that I look very handsome!  Mama says I smell like a rose, so she’s nick named me Rosebud! I don’t like it, sounds like a girl’s name to me so paws crossed she’ll drop that one quickly! Nicholas can’t stop laughing!

Have a good weekend, hope we see the sun!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon