Nicholas News May 27, 2022

The market is changing!  Prices are still holding strong with a 5% decrease but the quantity of buyers has declined.  Mama noticed at her recent bidding war at 113 Horsler Drive West that there were only three bidders, where last year they’re would probably been at least twenty two!  She believes this is due to covid restrictions relaxing in Ontario where so many of our buyers were coming from driving the market.  The market is still dry with not many homes available.  The banks want their once of flesh so they’ve raised the rates.  This means buyers are paying just as much for the homes but the bank is taking five percent of the proffit that would have gone to the home owner.  We all expect the interest rate to keep rising so if you’re thinking about buying or selling now is the time!  Don’t miss the boat!

Special thanks to my colleague Greg O’Brien for hosting a second open house at 119 Birch Crescent, not this Sunday but next, June 5th.  This is a lovely home on a quiet street in my neighbourhood borders my favourite stomping grounds at Spy Glass Hill.  Kids can cut cross country along the beautiful trails to RNS (a 10 min walk), Riverside Golf Course is nearby and so is Riverside Park with it’s sweet fine sandy beach.  Rothesay locations don’t get much better than this.  The home has a spacious attached in-family suite which could make for a great income boaster with an air B&B.

I’m having a few issues lately jumping into my truck so I haven’t been out and about as much.  I just turned ten on Tuesday and Mama did have my cheeseburger picnic which Nicholas and I throughly enjoyed.  It’s a once a year treat that I always look forward too.  Mama’s trying to figure out how to help me get in the truck.  She purchased a wide, non-skid ramp but I don’t trust it and won’t try it.  She bought a set of wide steps, just the right height with 2 steps into the truck and non-skid carpet on top but I’m having nothing to do with it!  She sent to the States for them as she couldn’t find any sized for a Newf in Canada.  She’s racking her brain to no avail!  Meanwhile I’m not happy when the truck leaves the yard without me.  If you have any good tips please send them along to  Paws crossed and hoping!

Hoping the weather is better this weekend than last with the rain and days of drizzle.  The  only good thing I can say is that is sure is helping the trees leaf out and green up the lawn.  Have a nice week and I’ll talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  

Nicholas News May 1st, 2022

Excited about our first open house today 2-4pm since the beginning of Covid!  Host Greg O’Brien, 119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay is off the top of Renshaw Road MLS#NB071265, Offered at $599,000.   This well-kept, one-owner family home has  great features, casual layout, an awesome in-family suite and a fantastic location.  This is my kind of place bordering miles of trails on Spy Glass Hill and five minutes from Riverside Park with sandy public beach.  Golf enthusiasts can walk to the course in five minutes and kids attending RNS can cut through the trails with a fifteen minute walk!  This is an area I know well, as I live just around the corner and these places are my stomping grounds!  I volunteered to co-host today but Greg didn’t take me up on it (I was hoping he was having snacks!).

119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay

Congratulations to our happy buyers and seller of 113 Horsler Drive West Saint John!  The awesome place has my dream feature, an in-door pool!  Can you just imagine, every single day of life, year round, Big Buddy Bacon could take a refreshing dip with his own personal in-door pool.  I tried to talk Mama into moving west over this one but no luck.  Nicholas thought it was great too because he only swims in warm water and the huge pool is heated.  (what a wus he is!)

113 Horsler Crescent is SOLD!

Mama, Papa, me and Nicholas packed up the truck, all loaded in and headed towards Sussex for a nice visit last Saturday to Charlie Turnbull’s place to visit little Sparky Turnbull.  What a little sweetheart he is, so full of fun and spunky!  I went in the house with Mama, Papa and Charlie while they enjoyed a hot tea and a snack (which they shared with me) while Sparky play the perfect host to Nicholas.  He showed him all around the huge property with hundreds of acres.  First they went down to the lake, then over to the barn and around the fields hunting for mice and anything else they might find!  Nicholas had a ball!  He’s quite a hunter, I’m not into it all, too much running involved! 🙂


I know the rainy days lately haven’t been fun but it’s making our lawns nice and green and we know better days are coming!!!  Have a great week and hope to see you soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon