May 7

My brother Nicholas
My brother Nicholas

Have to say that Nicholas and I had a fantastic time at the beach on Saturday!!! First swim of the year and the little guy went absolutely nuts at the beach He ran like the wind and dug huge holes in the sand which was flying 10 feet out behind him. Mama threw the ball for him to play fetch, his very, very favourite game in the whole World, bar none! Me, I just wanted to swim! And swim I did. I ran straight for the water and waded right in. This is the Bay of Fundy and I didn’t even feel the cold. Mama says I float like a boat! Nicholas went in to his ankles and that was enough for him. I also walked the beach a bit with Daddy looking for beach glass, then time for another swim! We were pooped afterward and slept the entire way home and had a pretty quiet evening after a nice supper. A great first day at the beach this season, we were two very happy dogs!

Mama and The Team are all excited this week about their big sale at 66 Park Drive in Kennebecasis Park. Mama says the sellers are two of the nicest people she’s ever met and they have two really sweet dogs our age, Casey & Finnigan (better known as Finnie)! Casey is a Golden Doodle (Nicholas had one of those in his grade 1 class at school) and Finnie is a Golden Retriever. I said we wouldn’t mind meeting those two and they live nearby too. From how Mama describes them they sound like they are pretty high energy dudes and that’s right up our alley! Maybe we can get Mama to arrange a play date! I’ll get Nicholas to sit up and try to look really sweet and slant his eyes just so at Mama (you know she’ll give him anything he wants)! She’s a real sucker for that old slant eye trick! She says we’d have to be on our best behaviour (are we ever any other way? ha. Don’t ask Daddy that). Paws crossed and hoping on the play date!

PS – I’ve been getting a lot of emails of people asking what Nicholas looks like so I’m including a photo of him in his work suit with his plaid shirt collar and Prudential blue tie! It was made for him by our Auntie Blue who lives in Rothesay with our Uncle Clinton and our cousins Lucas and Myra, the toy Pomeranian twins! They are cute and yappy, look like fluffy balls, the colour of a fox. They are sweet but I’m so big and they’re so small I’m terrified I might step on them!

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  1. Great to read that you had such a good time at the beach.Your little cousins are home from Florida and feel it cool weather.They are anxious to see you both.ML

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