Nicholas News March 24th, 2023

So happy Spring is officially here! Warmer weather and longer days are always welcome!  Now I look forward to my walks after supper.  There is still a bit of snow in our yard but nice to see the grass peeking out around the edges of the lawn.  We’ve been watching diligently for the first sign of crocuses in the garden but nothing yet.

We’re watching for our first real sign of spring!

Monday, the 20th was the first official day of spring so I helped Mama take down my St Patrick’s Day flag and replace it with my “Sing a Song of Spring” version.  It’s so pretty with the bright spring colours, one of my favourites.  Just as soon as it warms up a bit more I’ll be out helping Mama change the big wreath to our spring/summer version.  A huge job for her with all red flowers being removed and each spring flower being individually wired in.  Up and down the high ladder she’ll go, it’s an all day job!  I stay super close as I figure my big job is making sure none of those pesky squirrels get close to Mama.  I can tell you if they do it will be their last.  I’ll be taking and sharing pics asa the wreath is done.

One of my favourites! 

Congratulations to our seller of 67 Merritt Hill Road Quispamsis and also to our out of town buyers.  We wish you many years of happy memories at your new home!  MLS#NB Offered at $550,000.

Congrats to our Irish seller.  Sold on St Paddy’s Day!

I was having some computer issues last week as I wrote my blog and unable to add pics so   I want to be sure you saw my new knife painting by Rene Collins that I spoke of in my blog. It’s hanging right outside Mama’s office and you can see if from the foyer.   We love it!


Hope you have a great weekend, until we speak again.

Your pal,




March 17th, 2023

All geared up for St Paddy’s Day with my emerald green shamrock scarf!  Mama says it looks great against my black fur!  Mama is Irish on both sides and Papa has none.  I say I’m honourary Irish as I like to celebrate the day.  She’s making is a special roast beef supper tonight with all the fixins and chocolate cupcakes with green frosting for Papa.  The vet says chocolate is not good for dogs (especially small ones) but that I can have a wee bit because of my big size!  Paws crossed and hoping on that one!


We’re so excited about our new painting by Mama’s cousin Rene Collins!  Rene is well known in New Brunswick and has sold her painting across Canada, USA and all the way to  Europe.  She started knife painting (which has a much thicker texture) late in life after retiring from work.  She thought it was just a hobby but her pieces were selling from day one!  She certainly is talented and we love her unique blending of colours and the imaginative names she gives each one!   Rene was Mama’s mother’s favourite niece and she spent a lot of time with our family over the years.  I love it when she and Stan come to visit.  They both love dogs but Stan especially.  He’s as happy to see me as I am him.  He rubs my ears and talks to me while I sneak in the odd kiss!  We hung it right outside Mama’s office door on the main level so she sees it several times a day.  It’s painted off a picture of us taken when we were about six years old and in great shape.  I didn’t have my white mussle then and Buddy was a bit thiner.  🙂   Rene calls our painting “Welcome To My World” as she can easily see that Mama’s world is  centred around her boys!

Welcome To My World              Rene Collins

Happy St Patrick’s Day.  See you soon.

Your pal,





Nicholas News March 10th, 2023

Are you ready to spring ahead this Saturday night for Daylight Savings.  Don’t forget March 12th!  Mama will adjust our clocks ahead one hour just before going to bed Saturday night so we’ll enjoy that extra hour of daylight on Sunday.  It’s always dreary loosing that first hour when we wake up Sunday morning but it sure is great to be able to have dogs walks after supper now.  After a days-work Mama enjoys winding down as we walk and I’m always excited to see a few old friends on the trails and possibly meet a few new ones.  I really wish they’d do away with this ridiculous rule and just leave things along.  Drives me crazy when we have to turn the clocks back in the fall and it’s dark so early.  I say, “leave it alone!”

Spring ahead Saturday night!

March 17th we’ll be celebrating St Patrick’s Day at my house and we’ll all be wearing our emerald green.  I already have my Paddy’s Day scarf on when I go out.  Mama says I look pretty spiffy!  Mama is Irish on both her mother’s (Delaney) and father’s side (O’Regan, later changed to Regan).  Is that where she gets the red hair?  She’s excited about visiting Ireland this summer with her best friend, who’s been there before, but it will be Mama’s first time.  Part of her bucket list.  She says one thing she will not be doing is kissing the Blarney Stone!  Too many germs, and Papa says she already has enough blarney in her!  He loves to tease!


We’ve had an exciting week with our deluxe garden home at 67 Merritt Hill Road with private showings, a public open house last Sunday which was well attended and an agents open house last Tuesday.  Everyone is blown away when they step into the great room and see that awesome view!  Stops them right in their tracks!  Mama is excited to be presenting offers to the seller tomorrow afternoon.  Paws crossed that it all goes as planned!

Have a great week and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,





Nicholas News March 5th, 2023

We’re excited to announce our first open house of the year hosted by Mama and Charlie.  They haven’t had an open house since 2019 after Covid took off in our province.  Looks like it’s going to be a good day weather wise with temps rising to 4C above.  A bright sunny clear day too which is so important for this property at 67 Merritt Hill Road, off Gondola Point Road with its 20 mile panoramic view up the Kennebecasis River!   It’s a huge garden home (largest we’ve seen) with big room and plenty of window with 2 huge sunny window walls.  The great room, kitchen, master bedroom, ensuite (with heated floor), powder room and laundry room are all on the main level so you never need to go downstairs.  But if you do, it’s splendid as well with large windows, patio access, bedrooms 2 and 3, a huge family/rec room, full bath with heated floor and a large storage room with custom built-ins.  I love the way this place backs onto a 71 acre green space and it’s pet friendly.  You’re even allowed the invisible fence so you can be out on your own, unsupervised.  I love my invisible fence as I roam our property every day checking for squirrels, crows, etc. letting all the critters know, this is my yard!  MLS#084113 NB  Offered at $550,000.  Hope to see you!

It breaks my heart that our beloved Spy Glass Hill is up for sale for development!  The property includes 85 acres with miles of walking trails.  Hundreds of people and four-legged friends walk this property daily and have for a hundred years.  So many walk here that if it snows all night and you go over at 8am the next morning there is already a good trail beat down like a sidewalk!  We always hoped it would never be developed.  I’ve been going here since I was a baby and have so many wonderful memories of walks here with my dear brother Buddy.  Mama has been walking here starting with Theodore and Laddie 28 years ago.  As a young girl she and her father rode there horses here a few times a week (over from Bridle Path Lane), always having a good gallop up Spy Glass Hill.  The Rothesay Horse Show Cross Country Event was held here yearly until it’s organizer the Mrs. Mary Oland passed.  It’s hard to understand why the town doesn’t buy it as a park (or even part of it).  The public doesn’t  have a walking park in Rothesay.  There is the Common and Riverside Park which are both lovely but very small.  The west side of Saint John has the beautiful Irving Nature Park but out here all we have is Spy Glass Hill and it’s days are numbered!  If I had the money I’d buy it myself and call it “Buddy Bacon’s Spy Glass Hill”, providing centuries of happy people and pets with the ultimate nature experience!

Hope you’re enjoying this better weather and slightly warmer days as much as I am.  Watch for me in my black truck around the neighbourhood parking lots while I wait for Mama.

Your pal,