Blogging with Buddy, October 28, 2016

Are you all ready for Halloween?  Nicholas and I are all set, costumes ready and looking for treats!  We know a few good tricks if we don’t get any haha (but don’t tell Mama)!  Share with me a pic of your costume to, love to see it.

If you’re out and about walking the trails of Rothesay or Quispamsis don’t forget that the bow hunters are out with permission from the town and some of the property owners to shot the local doe.  We are always very careful to wear our hunter orange scarves and we met a boy and girl this morning (German Short Haired Pointer and Springer Spaniel) who were also wearing loud bells that sounded like cow bells.  We could hear them coming for a mile away!  Mama asked their parents where they got them and they said an Outdoor Outfitters.  Seems like a good idea.  You can never be too careful when in the woods during hunting season.

It’s the season for hunter’s orange!

Steven is taking it easy on a very well deserved holiday to the sunny south.  We hope he gets a nice dark tan and some R & R!  I heard he’d be swimming in a pool and I was pea green with envy!  I’d have carried his luggage to tag along but Mama says it’s too hot for a big Newf like me down there.  Candace and Jody have been busy with showings to potential buyers and Mama’s been negotiating offers like crazy.  Busiest we’ve been in five years!  Meanwhile I got the lock box removed off 3189 Rothesay Road now that is sold.  Happy to be doing my part for team!
So happy to have the lockbox off 3189 Rothesay Road.

I continue on my program with Dr. Bogdin and this week started the underwater treadmill!!!  Boy oh boy, it’s unbelievable!  I walk right into this huge glass tank and surprise, surprise, Dr Bogdin comes right in with me. He’s is so very nice and kind.  You can tell he really loves animals, calls me Big Boy!  We get in and he turns on the water which starts seeping in around the floor.  It’s rising higher and higher right up to my belly and then he hits a button and the big tread mill starts slowly moving.  At first I didn’t know what to think with the floor under me started moving but he was right there to reassure me that all was well and I started walking along through the water.  You know I love the water so this was a real treat.  We started out very easy at a slow walk for four minutes then I had a good rest and then we did this two more times.  I can tell you that it’s a work out but I felt great!  I highly recommend it!  Then he shut it off, the water drained out and I came back down the gradual ramp.  I’m going to be getting this once a week all winter and it will be especially good once the snow starts and the walking is not so good.
I hope you have a nice weekend.  Not supposed to be great weather but I can tell you that I’m certainly enjoying the cool refreshing temperatures.

Your pal,

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Blogging with Buddy, October 21, 2016

Had another Bidding War last week!!!  What’s more fun than a bidding war in real estate?  Not too much, I can tell you.  Our listing at 36 Yacht Haven Lane was on the market for some time and then “Bam” it’s gone at a bidding war!  That’s how it goes with real estate, just when you think nothing is happening the fun begins.  Rare to have a bidding war in this market and this is our third this year so far!  We were sooo… excited that we went out to have our pics taken with Mama and the Sold sign, ha, ha, ha.  Congratulations to the owners!

36 Yacht Haven Lane, SOLD
3189 Rothesay Road, SOLD

Another exciting event for us is the sale of 3189 Rothesay Road, a stunning heritage home listed by Mama and sold by Steven on our Team Platinum.  Way to go Team!!!  This is our second sale of a large heritage home in the heart of Rothesay this year as earlier we sold 18 Hampton Road as well.  Team Platinum is on a roll!!!

I started a new diet this week with Dr Bogdin who specializes in Chinese medicine.  Dr Kelley is still my vet but I’m going to work on my weight loss with the natural herbs and ancient techniques that Dr Bogdin is so knowledgeable in.  He’s a super nice guy, calls me “Big Boy”.  Always talking with me and rubbing my fur while I’m there for my sessions.  With Dr Kelley and Dr Bogdin I’m in good hands!  This means extra work for Mama as all my meals are home cooked now with certain ingredients, no more dog food for Buddy Bacon!  I can tell you I’m loving it and feeling very spoiled.  Nicholas has his meals home cooked as well so he’s quick happy I’m on it.  I like to share with the little fella.  Mama will make up all our meals for the week on Sunday and then we’ll be ready to roll all week long.  I can tell you I’ve only been on this one week and no one can believe the difference in me!  I’m much more active, playing, walking and swimming further, faster and even doing a bit of running.  You can tell on my face that I’m a happier boy these days with my big smile!

Steven is hosting an open house this Saturday at 33 Deveber Terrace, Millidgeville, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.  He invites you to drop in to view this lovely, well-kept bungalow in mint condition with tasteful updates.

Supposed to get some rain this weekend but I hope you have a great one.

Your pal,

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Blogging with Buddy, October 14, 2016

Had an awesome Thanksgiving, hope you did too!  Lots of R & R for Nicholas and I.  Mama cooked a plump juicy turkey and we got to taste a wee bit.  She cooked it slowly all night and when we woke up the yummy aroma throughout the house was awesome!  Wish we’d had more as I don’t think we could ever get too much turkey!!!  Papa got tired of it pretty quickly as we heard him say, “Not more turkey!”.  What’s wrong with the guy?

The weather has been nuts, really warm days and some cool nights.  Nicholas isn’t too impressed with the cool nights but I absolutely love them!!!  Mama lets me out in the yard (I’m on the Invisible Fence) and I just roam around keeping an eye on my neighbourhood enjoying the cool weather.

I had another visit to my favourite vet, Dr Kelly.  She and her office are over the moon with me as I lost another five pounds which brings me to fifteen in total now!

This Saturday Steven is hosting two open houses in the city.  He’s at a great 4-bedroom starter home with plenty of potential at 233 Montreal Ave priced at $109,900 from 11 – 1pm.  Then from 2-4pm he’s at 467 Clearview Row.  Offered at $249,900, this well-kept home with Bay of Fundy sunset view features hardwood floors, great working kitchen, propane fireplace, large deck and more.

Sunday is a big day for Team Platinum with our Fine Homes International™ Rothesay Open House showcasing five of the finest homes in the area!  All will be open from 2pm -4pm and they are all close to each other in the heart of Rothesay so we invite you to visit all five.  These homes include 241 Eriskay Drive at $599,000, 2374 Rothesay Road at $650,000, 229 Eriskay Drive at $975,000, 3105 Rothesay Road at $989,000 and 6 Grove Ave at $1,175,000.  Each home is unique with select much desired features.  Hope to see you there!

Your pal,

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