Blogging with Buddy, December 16th, 2014

Yahoo!  I now have my own email address!!!  We’re getting all ready for Santa Paws on the big night, both so excited we can hardly sleep!  We put our own tree up last week and yesterday helped Mama and Daddy with theirs.  We had a few little accidents with big bushy tails sending ornaments flying across the room but the bottom three feet of the tree is decorated with unbreakable ornaments so no biggy!  Whew, TG for that!!!

Nicholas helped me with the letter to Santa, although I did the typing myself as usual.  He can’t use the computer but he does contribute with some good ideas!

Dear Santa Paws,

This is Buddy Bacon here in Rothesay with my little brother Nicholas.  We hope all is well with you and Mrs Claus (saw her on a TV show last week, nice looking gal, wink, wink).  We have been very good boys all year.  Nicholas has been eating his meals regular (no problem there with the Big Bud), we haven’t been wrecking anything in the house or playing tug of war with the bath towels, I’ve stopped ripping branches off Mama’s prize lilac tree and of course we’ve been doing all our business outdoors even when it feels like it’s 20 below zero!  Mama confirms that we’ve been very good (please wait until New Year’s if you plan on questioning Daddy)!  We are very much hoping that you will find our house on Christmas Eve.  Daddy’s got the landing lights out and we have our own small tree beside the fireplace in the family room.  Nicholas is looking for a new ball that will bounce very high, I’m looking for a plush squeaky toy to carry around the house and we both would thoroughly enjoy our favourite treats; Marrowbones, Milk Bones, Dental Bones and of course Buddy Biscuits.  Mama and Daddy will be out to church that evening but we’ll be here waiting for you.  We are going to leave you out some of Mama’s homemade thumbprint cookies and a nice glass of milk.  I got the new iBone smart phone so I’m going to try to take a selfie of Nicholas and I with you!!!  Can’t wait to email it off to our friends!  Please don’t forget our cousins  Myra and Lucas in Florida and our furry friends here in Rothesay; Bluebell, Casey, Finnigan, Molly, Abby and those that we’ve met at Spy Glass Hill, on the Allison trails, the Quispamsis Dog Park and New River Beach last summer.

Safe sledding Santa, hope to see you real soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

and his little side kick, Nicholas

Large Paw

Buddy and Bow Buudy and Nick

Reply from Buddy’s Blog:

Buddy, Rave and Tux really enjoyed having your Santa Paws letter read to them.  Very nice letter, and you are a great typist, my what a smart boy you are.  Have a very Merry Christmas.  Rave and Tux thank you for the iBone Phone suggestion, probably the only dog toy they do not already own.  Tux just loves squeak toys. 

 Gail Nelson Scovil

Sussex, N B Canada

Blogging with Buddy, December 7th, 2014

Nicholas and I are enjoying the cold weather and very busy getting ready for Christmas! Our little Pomeranian cousins Myra and Lucas are warm and toasty down in Florida for the winter but that wouldn’t suit us big boys with our big warm coats, Big Bud will take a cold day any day. Mama has our house decorated inside and out for Christmas (Dad says you just can’t keep the designer side of her down and it shows) and she helped us put up our little Christmas tree this week. It’s the sweetest little tree, about 4 feet high and every ornament is some type of animal! We have bunnies, squirrels, bears, ponies, dogs and even cats, can you imagine! Pictures attached.

Later this week we are going to write our letter to Santa Paws which we’ll share with you then.

Big Buddy Bacon got a nice surprise from Team Platinum this week!!! Earlier in the year Mama’s assistant Heather got a new iPhone and it was sooooo cool Buddy wanted one too, it was all I talked about. So this week, at the office meeting I was surprised with a new iBone! It’s the coolest phone yet, made of soft rubber (good for chewing) and it squeaks too! What more could a big boy ask for in a phone? Yes, I share it with Nicholas, as he was pea green when he saw it. Pictures attached.

The Team are busy with open houses today from 2 -4pm with Steven and Kim at 14 Sunview Road, Saint John, (Loch Lomond to Spring Garden Road to Sunview), really nice house, beautifully renovated, shows like new and Mama is at 21 Allison Drive off Rothesay Road. I know that this is a great area as Nicholas and I walk Spy Glass Hill from here, miles of trails, huge private yard and an easy walk to RNS for the kids. This is a great location if you’re a nature enthusiast, runner or have furry friends like us! It’s a “Smart Home” too so drop by today and check them out! Talk soon!