Blogging With Buddy May 25th, 2017

Well, well, well!  Who’s the Birthday Boy?  Could it be the Budster?  Yes it is, the big guy is 5 years old today.  He’s much more fit than last year and looking fine thanks to the water treadmill all winter and now swimming season has begun!  See pic below taken last weekend just after a refreshing swim at his favourite spot, Tommy’s Beach at New River.  He’s having his favourite supper tonight for the birthday bash, an A & W Buddy Burger (the only Canadian chain serving 100% Beef raised made without hormones or steroids).  Of course Nicholas will get one too.  A special treat on a special day!  Papa likes the Teen Burger (with all the fixn’s) and Mama will enjoy a Mama Burger.  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Let’s not forget our little cousins, Myra and Lucas, the twins who have a birthday today too turning 11!  Happy Birthday little ones!  Hope you have a great day and are spoiled rotten by Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton.

Sales have been racking up at Platinum Properties as Mama works through the conditions of sale at 7 Ambassador Drive in Quispamsis and all conditions are now met at 17 Waterview Place.  Three is the hat trick as this is the third time Mama has sold this exceptionally well-built house in Millidgeville!

17 Waterview Place is Sold!

Two open houses this weekend with  Amy hosting 21 Upper Deck Lane our huge new waterfront condo in Drury Cove on Saturday from 2-4pm and  Mama hosting 241 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay (Jazzy’s place) on Sunday from 2-4 pm.  The perfect home for empty nesters, small families or young professionals. Pretty nice spot for dogs too!

       21 Upper Deck Lane, Highlands of Drury Cove.  Off Ashburn Lake Road.  Saturday 2-4

                                 241 Eriskay Drive, Rothesay.  Off Highland Avenue.  Sunday 2-4

Hope you have a great weekend getting out there hiking, biking, walking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and more!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy May 19th, 2017

Well here it is already, Victoria Day Weekend!  Where has the time gone.  It seems we missed spring with the rain almost every day.  Nicholas and I were afraid we were going to mildew! But the sun has come out and the weather man is calling for a glorious long weekend.  We are planning on a visit to our cottage at New River Beach and I can hardly wait to jump into the frigid waters of the Bay of Fundy.  Little Nicholas will probably go in to his ankles or maybe his knees but most of the time he’ll be tearing up and down the beach saying hello to all who come our way.  I’m going to jump right in and swim up and down the beach, just floating like a boat!  It will be so nice to see all our neighbors again like Bill and Catherine, Andra & Will and Lil Andra, Don and Cameron.  We can just imagine how much Cameron has grown over the winter!  Wander if he’ll be tearing up and down the road on his fancy electric car this year?  We sure hope so cause that car is the coolest thing we’ve seen in a long time!

I’ll be bringing the BearAir™ with me, my super strong 4hp dryer especially for Newfoundland dogs.  That thing dries Nicholas in 3 minutes and the Big Budster easily in 15 – 20 minutes.  Mama just gave me a new summer hair cut last week (which she calls it a puppy cut, don’t laugh) and I’ve had quite a few compliments on it.  Nicholas said I look like a dork but I think he’s just jealous.  There’s something wrong with that dude, Mama and Papa can’t brush him or bath him without him whimpering like a little girl.  Makes it really tough to clean the little guy up.  Where the Budster on the other hand just loves being brushed, combed, bathed, massaged and pampered in general!  Bring on the ear rubs (my favorite thing)!

So happy I can put my rain coat away for a while and enjoy the sun!

Little Oliver Ouellet, the Maltese, is as cozy as a clam shacked up in St. Andrews overlooking the water.  He’s lucky, he and Connor (his Border Collie brother) are living right on the beach.  How spoiled are those two!!!  Oliver is a feisty little fella, wants to run the whole show, (small dog syndrome Nicholas says).  We really like Connor too!  He a kind old gentleman.  In his younger days he would have made a great playmate for our Nicholas.

Oliver Ouellet is part of our active team looking after Charlotte Country clients.

Well Herby Paxton is all moved out of his place at 10 Luminous Lane and all excited about his new construction going up in Millidgeville.  Good luck with your building project Herby, it will be all done and you’ll be in before you know it!  The new owners will be enjoying the beach this upcoming weekend and the girls will be having a ball!  That’s one fine sandy beach you girls have in Morrisdale!  Enjoy!

The team won’t be having open houses this long weekend but will be right back at it next weekend both Sat and Sunday so stay posted.  I just featured a nice new listing on my blog last Friday that Mama listed at 7 Ambassador Lane in Quispamsis with one full acre and voilà It’s Sold with the first showing!!!  I knew that one wouldn’t take too long, it is in such great shape and all that privacy plus the hot tub.  What more could you ask for at $348,000!

Going, going, gone!  With the first showing at 7 Ambassador!

Well I wish you all a very nice Victoria Day Weekend and don’t forget if you see the Budster out and about to come over to say hi , I’m always happy to see you.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon   

Blogging With Buddy May 12, 2017

A Very Happy Mother’s Day to all you human and four-legged furry mother’s out there!  Nicholas and I are trying to think of something special we can do for our Mama and TG Papa says he will help us.   We can’t make her breakfast in bed (we love toast so much it would never make it to the bedroom), we can’t buy flowers as we haven’t been saving our allowance so we’re putting our heads together to think of what we can do!  We could get Papa to help us cut a bouquet of forsythia from our own garden, that would be pretty!  We could also get Papa to help us cook a special supper or maybe just pick up some lobster!  Now that sounds pretty good to the Budster!

The team are busy on Saturday with Mama and Amy hosting open houses from 2-4pm  (we don’t host them on Mother’s Day as we know all you Mamas are spending time with your families).  Mama is at 2374 Rothesay Road with a tastefully updated home overlooking the Kennebecasis River with beach rights.  This desirable home has a staircase that leads to the beach across the street where you’ll find a picnic table under some lovely shade trees and a gravel beach.  The perfect place for swimming, kayaking or moor your boat right out front with deep water anchorage.  Enjoy all the privileges of waterfront ownership without the big price tag!  Amy is at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove (same time) at our new waterfront condo with all the bells and whistles.  This large condo is the latest in style and features 3 bedrooms, home office and 3 full bathrooms.  Canoe, kayak or moor your boat right out back!  Hope you can drop in to say hello!

23 74 Rothesay Road                                                   21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove

Have a great weekend and hope you get out with this bit of sunshine, it’s been a long while coming, enjoy!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy May 5th, 2017

Congratulations to Dr George Whittle on his retirement from veterinary  practice.  Thank you so much for your compassionate  care and kindness over the past 40 years of our beloved William, Sarah, Buffy, Freckles, Theodore and Laddie as well as thousands of other furry friends!  William (the favourite cat) who Mama rescued at 6 weeks old, lived 21 years and was never sick a day.  He was George’s first patience out of veterinary college!   George we wish you many happy years of retirement!

Absolutely love this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve had lately as we brace ourselves for hard rain this weekend!  We’ve had so much rain lately and lots more on the way so Nicholas and I spent most of Thursday in our yard soaking up the rays!  It hit 26C on our deck yesterday.

Mama has a big week coming up with a birthday.  It’s not like we can bring her breakfast in bed or anything so we’ve decided that we will just be exceptionally loving boys on the big day, well behaved and as sweet as pie!  (Nicholas says, “That’s a joke”!  “We may last 15 minutes if we’re lucky, but a whole day, I don’t think so!  It’s just in the blood!”  We do enjoy tearing around and causing a bit of ruckus.  We got in a bit of trouble the other day for barking.  Mama and Papa both don’t like it when we get out in the front yard barking just to hear ourselves and they say they’re sure the neighbours don’t appreciate it.  We got the message, we don’t like it when Mama and Papa are not entirely happy with us!

Mama listed a gorgeous new house today at 7 Ambassador Drive in Quispamsis, $348,000.  It has been tastefully updated and it is in mint condition inside and out on a huge one acre private lot!  I personally love these big lots with lots of room to run and play.  It comes complete with a hot tub but I doubt if any of our furry friends will find their way into that.  I’ve already been told that I may visit the property to inspect the new listing but stay away from that hot tub!

So, button down the hatches and brace yourselves for some heavy rain on Saturday.  May be a good day to spring clean, watch a favourite movie (Nicholas and I love “Lassie Come Home!”) or catch up on your reading.  We’re hoping that Mama will make our favourite homemade stew, her grandmother’s old recipe!  Yum, yum, yum!  Have a good weekend, hope to see you around and special thanks to all of you who come over to say hello to Nicholas and I when we’re waiting in the parking lots in our bright red SUV with our big black heads hanging out the window at Sobeys, Cochrane’s, Pet Value, Staples, etc..  Always nice to see you and get our ears rubbed!  We were happy to read this week in the news that the SPCA is pushing for no dogs to be left in cars with windows up this summer!!! Never, never, never leave the windows up in your car with your children or pets inside as the temperature rises so very quickly and it can be deadly.  We only get to ride in the car in the winter, spring and fall and then our both windows are down about two feet, far enough for our big heads to hang out so that we have lots of fresh air and can watch everything going on in the parking lots.  Nicholas says that I hog the entire back all to myself and as you can see in the picture, I do!  Just as soon as it starts to get warm we will have to wait comfortably at home in the A/C.   Nicholas says that I hog the largest air conditioning vent all to myself and I must admit that  it’s true!  The little guy is an awful whiner!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon