Blogging with Buddy October 16, 2020

Middle range homes in Southern New Brunswick continue to fly off the shelf within days if not hours as the real estate market continues to soar!  Never have the Realtors here seen anything like it.  Our Charlie has been in real estate for over thirty years (straight out of university) and he can tell you it’s a wild ride!  He and Mama are working seven days and nights a week trying to keep up as are many of their colleagues!  Here’s one we need some help with;  Mama is working with a sweet young couple looking for their first home in the north of the city, Millidgeville, Rothesay or Quispamsis areas.  These young professionals want to be fairly close to their offices in the uptown area.  They’d like a nice yard and three bedrooms, two bathrooms would be nice but one is acceptable.  They are preapproved up to $250,000.  If you hear of anything like this, shoot me an email at and I’ll pass it on to her.

Autumn is that time of year where us furry friends can get a bit (haha) dirty with the seasonal rain with mud on the trails.  I’ve been doing a bit of research into dog baths and well-planned laundry rooms with built-in dog showers.  It’s amazing what’s out there.  Here are a few tips of great ideas I’ve seen.  Mama helped me as she had an interior design business for twenty years, The Finishing Touch, so her help was invaluable!  Thanks Mama.

Great for medium-sized dogs like this Collie.

Built in steps perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

Great for big dogs with a low step.

This guy has it all shower, bed & laundry facilities!

How about this outdoor doggy shower?

My fav!  Perfect for us big dogs!

Hope some of these samples give you ideas to share with your Mamas and Papas.  It’s important to be a clean dog and especially have clean paws this time of year.  Don’t make a fuss like Nicholas when he’s going to have his bath or shower.  Mama has to practically drag him into our doggy shower.  Me, I love it!  I strut right in, you don’t have to ask The Bud twice!

Just a word of caution.  Be careful of tics as they come out in droves with these warmer days.  If your joints, especially front shoulders, are stiff and it pains a bit to walk, please get right over to your vet asap to be checked for lyme disease.  Its a simple blood test and your vet can give you basic results (yes or no) right there on the spot.  Most owners don’t realize that lyme disease in it’s early stages looks much like arthritis but it’s so much more dangerous and can kill you.  I hate tics!!!  Our vet says they start on slugs and then proceed to any and all mammals.  Not all carry the lyme disease and they must be on you for 24 hours before they can ingest the lyme.  So ask your Mama or Papa to check you every day to get any off as quickly as possible!

Have a great weekend enjoying this beautiful weather and colourful scenery and we’ll talk soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy October 9th, 2020

This is one of our favourite weekends coming up, Thanksgiving!  The air is crisp and cool just the way I like it, the leaves are turning beautiful colours, Mama will spend some quality time with us, we’ll have some nice walks with her and Papa and we’ll have a big turkey feast on Sunday!  There’s not much Nicholas and I enjoy more than a good bit of turkey.  Our vet says it’s very good for us (yeah).  Then on Monday Mama and Papa are heading to our Auntie Blue’s for a ham and scallop dinner.  Nicholas and I can’t go but we’ll be waiting for the left overs Auntie Blue will send home with Mama.  We’ve been walking every day around twilight.  Some days are very warm and it almost feels like some but then other days like today are really cold.  Sure does put some spring in our step!  This is Sparky Turnbull’s first Thanksgiving with his Papa Charlie!  We wish you a great day Sparky and be sure your Papa shares the turkey with you!


                            Happy Thanksgiving!

Mama and Charlie are looking forward to the long weekend.  They both will be working a bit showing homes but are looking forward to some much appreciated downtime.  They’ve been working crazy hours, burning the candle at both ends.  The market is still hot, hot, hot!  Which means lots of showing and lots of sales.  In the medium price rance around $250,000 you’d better be there for a viewing the day the house hits the market because later the same day, it’s gone!  A new twist for our area with homes gone in hours with a half a dozen back up offers and lots of bidding wars with homes going far over the asking price.  It makes Mama and Charlie feel like they’re selling in Toronto!

We have an awesome family home coming up in Woodleigh Park.  It belongs to a good friend of mine.  He’s helping his family get it all ready for the market and then we’ll be ready to roll.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as we all give thanks to God for everything we have, every single day!  Talk soon and have a wonderful holiday.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy October 2nd, 2020

I’m very excited about our new Global Luxury Listing in Winfield Hills, Quispamsis!  This extraordinary, high quality ranch-style home located at 55 Shornecliff Dr MLS#NB049747 has it all and then some!  2900 Square feet of living space on the main level means spacious rooms for everyone.  There’s a special feature for each member of your family such as home chef’s dream quartz kitchen with gas stove, double ovens, full fridge, full freezer, island and huge pantry, salt water fiberglass pool with one-touch electronic cover, fenced yard, hot tub, spacious gym with mirrored wall, huge rec room with wet bar, basketball court, skating rink, automatic propane generator (no worries about power failures here), oversized 3-car heated garage with epoxy floor, stamped concrete driveway and more!  My personal favourite is the pool because you know I’m quite a swimmer!  I’d be in there every day if I could and being heated Nicholas would be right in with me.

Nicholas and I wish to congratulation our recent sellers and buyers who are looking forward to their new homes from Quispamsis to Rothesay, Millidgeville to Washademoak Lake!

Hope you enjoyed that gorgeous day we had yesterday!  Nicholas and I had a great walk at Spy Glass Hill.  It was so warm that Mama and Papa couldn’t even wear a sweater or jacket!  Not sure how many more of those days we’ll have.

Hope to see you around really soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon