May 13

Mama is hosting an agent’s open house today at 33 Bernard Court in Quispamsis. Everyone on the team is running around busy making sure all is ready and as close to perfection as they can make it. We overheard her on the phone ordering a big dark chocolate cake with boiled icing from the Irving Convenience to serve the other agents! Heather is picking it up this morning all freshly made! Holy Toledo’s! That’s our favourite. Mama says she’s trying to entice the agents to drop by and view what she calls a “gorgeous new listing with a panoramic river view up and down the Kennebecasis River. One of the best river views she’s seen in year!” Nicholas and I would drop by ourselves for a piece of that cake but she says, “no way”! I politely remind her that we are the company mascots and an important part of Team Platinum but that didn’t fly either.

Steven’s at 29 Grove Ave, Rothesay. A house with a big private yard and big pool! That’s not far from our house. I wonder what he’s serving. If we weren’t on this darn Invisible Fence we could slip over there and check it out. Steven’s a nice guy, he knows we like treats, he’d slip us something I’m sure! A treat and a swim in the big pool, sounds like Heaven to me! (Wish the vet hadn’t told Mama that I need to cut back on the treats! Is the guy trying to ruin all my fun?)

Everyone on the Platinum team loves us, especially the girls. That Nicholas is always trying to kiss them and then they giggle and shove him away and he kisses them some more. (They didn’t nick name him Romeo at the dog park for nothing, the guys certainly got an eye for the ladies).

I say something needs to change around here! We’re not allowed at the public open houses and now we find out we’re not allowed at the agent open house to share in the goodies either! Mama says she’s not worried about Nicholas but I’m not safe around a chocolate cake. The woman is going to give me a complex! She thinks if she turns her back, I’d devour it. Is someone having trust issues? (I can’t say they’re not warranted)! Best I can hope for is she’ll bring us home a little piece. Paws crossed and hoping! “Nicholas you cross your paws too!” Nicholas, “Okay, okay Dude, they’re crossed, see they’re crossed!”