Blogging with Buddy, June 26th, 2015

Loving this sunshine!!!  Is summer finally here?  You know what that means for the Budster and his little side kick, Nicholas, swim, swim, swim!  Because it was sooo hot last night (chuckle, chuckle) Mama took us down to Riverside Park for a refreshing swim just before twilight when she finished her appointments.  We’ve only been there a few times before but we both LOVE it!  I couldn’t believe Nicholas!  The little guy doesn’t do well in the cold water of the Bay of Fundy (not enough meat on him I’d say) so when we arrived at the river he first went in to his ankles, stopped and got a very happy look on his face.  Wow, this water is sooo much warmer.  He dove right in and wouldn’t come out.  Mama was throwing a stick in the water (supposedly for me) and Nicholas (as usual) kept hogging everything.  He never did learn to share.  Mama has to keep saying okay now give Buddy a turn, Nicholas it’s Buddy’s turn now.  He puts on the deaf ear so she finally caught him by the collar and held him with one hand, throwing the stick for me with the other so that I could swim out and retrieve it.  I have to say that I don’t mind the Bay of Fundy but the temperature of this river water is really, really sweet!  I swam way out.  Mama is a better throw than she used to be with all the practice we give her.  She threw until we got tired and then she waited while we took a rest on the beach, rolling in the sand.  This gave her a chance to catch up with the news on the cell with our Auntie Blue for a few minutes.

Mama has been working crazy hours, more than we’ve ever seen (sales are up) but then again we are only 3 years old.  She’s been starting early in the morning on the computer and more than a few nights Daddy has come home to baby-sit us.  What’s with his baby sitting anyway?  We’re not babies but we’re not complaining either as we love it when Daddy comes home early and plays with us.  Mama’s breaking another sales record but more on that next week!  Go Mama go!

Steven is heading to the waterfront for his open houses this weekend.  Thinking about the cottage life?  Perfect time of year to get bitten by the waterfront bug!  On Saturday June 27th he’s at 2562 Route 124, Hatfield’s Point on Belleisle Bay from 2-4pm.  Supper stunning home/cottage on 4 scenic acres with a beach!  On Sunday June 28th he’s at 1262 Bridge Drive on Washademoak Lake also from 2-4pm.  This extremely well built cedar home updated by Glenhar Construction, well known in NB as a superior builder is designed as a B&B, restaurant with bar or it would make an ideal full time home or vacation home with it gorgeous fireplace, bedrooms with ensuite baths, stunning water views and of course deep mooring waterfront.   Come for a look and explore the possibilities!

We are at 23 Cobblestone Drive on Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This stylish home overlooking the Kennebecasis River has just been reduced to $450,000 and features not one but two propane fireplaces as well as two huge decks (one covered and one open) overlooking the river plus extensive warranties!

Hoping I don’t get in as much trouble this weekend as I did last!  As Grampy Wiggins would say, “Caught innocent again!”

Your Pal

Buddy      Sand Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, June 19th, 2015

What the heck???   I get in enough trouble on my own and now I’m getting blamed for things I didn’t even do!!!  Down at the cottage last weekend a neighbor came over and told Daddy that I ran away, came up from the beach all by myself and went up on their porch and pooped on it!  I can’t even believe they said that, yet alone thought it!  Daddy was highly insulted too!  Not only have I never run away from home but I’m totally house trained and the porch is part of the house as far as Big Buddy is concerned!  Daddy asked all the right questions (he’s never lost for words) and the people told him that it was a 200 pound black and white Newf dog!  There you go; now add more insult to injury as I’m down to 170 now on my new diet plan!  Nicholas and I put out heads together, who could this be?  Who would do something like this?   I’ve always been the only big black and white dog in the New River Beach area.  Upon further investigation with our friends the Andras, Don and Will helping us, we discovered that a house down on Haggerty’s Cove Beach had not one but actually two big 200 pound black and white Newfs visiting last weekend for the first time and they were down on the beach in front of the house in question!  Nicholas and I would love to have met them, we could have had some good fun on the beach and I bet they are great swimmers too, like me.  But don’t think we wouldn’t have given them a talking to about their lack of manners; we don’t care how big they are!  On second though probably better we didn’t meet them as Nicholas was just beyond himself at the insult to me and that guy may be little by my standards but he’s a real dynamo and I wouldn’t want to be in his bad books, if you know what I mean!  He’d wash the floor, I mean the beach, with them!  So we’ve never met them but if we do, I’m gonna say, “Listen fellas, you’re giving me a bad rap here in New River and I don’t appreciate it, so clean up your act and do it fast!”

Steven is at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove this Sunday from 2-4pm.  Huge waterfront condo with walkout finished basement!  A must see.  Buddy Bacon could certainly swim here!!!  And we are at 300 Hillcrest Road the same day and time at a lovely modern family home with not one but two 2-car garages, one attached and one built-in all on 1.25 sprawling acres!   Lots of space for Buddy to run!

Hope you have a great weekend and that we see lots of sun for some summer fun!  Fire up that barbeque Daddy!  Nicholas and I will take a cheese burger please.

Your Pal,

Buddy BaconSand Paw Print



Blogging with Buddy, June 12th, 2015

Went for my first ever professional shampoo, cut and blow dry this week (Mama and Daddy usually do it)!  Oh what fun we had!  Absolutely loved the shampoo and blow dry part but standing around on a table for the cut and trim, not so much!  I didn’t mind getting trimmed and the clippers didn’t bother me at all but standing around for so long?  It was cutting into my nap time!!!  I arrived at 10am and I usually snooze after breakfast until close to noon.  Well that wasn’t going to happen!  Mama had to help hold me up when I’d try to sit or lay down (said her arms were aching, next time she’s bringing Daddy but he doesn’t know that yet).  I lived to tell the tale and now everyone says I’m sooo handsome!  My black coat is glistening with the effects of oatmeal shampoo which is so good for my skin, my chest and paws are snowy white and my sporty new trim is great in warm weather (if we ever get any) besides looking very chic!  I didn’t get trimmed too short; Mama calls it a puppy cut, kind of curly and fuzzy.  She says I’m strutting around like a peacock!  Daddy says I look bigger than ever because people use to think I was all fur but now they can tell that nope I’m all dog, it’s all Big Buddy Bacon!

Nicholas had a fit that I was going somewhere in the truck without him!  When I got home he was all over me with questions, “Where did you go, what did they do, what was it like?” “You look good but I smell strange scents on you”.  No fear little pal, you’re next!  Let’s see if you can man up and be as good a boy as I was at the groomer my first time?  We may be mutts but our groomers name is “Best in Show” and we sure do feel like show dogs when we come out of there!

Our open houses this weekend with Steven at 12 Coventry Crescent in Quispamsis with the stunning kitchen and we are at 1169 Route 860 Smithtown with an inviting country home on acreage.

Sunday is supposed to be a nice sunny day so come on out and have a look!

Your pal,

Buddy Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, June 6th, 2015

Ha ha ha ha, I figured out how to open the gate down at the cottage all by myself!!! Mama just about had a kitten! I didn’t get too far as she was right there and witnessed it with her mouth hanging open in disbelief! “Doug, Doug, did you see what that dog just did?” I’ve been working on it every weekend and realized that if I hook my claws into the mesh and pull really hard towards myself that the latch will let go and the gate swings in. Thought for a moment that Nicholas and I would be ‘Free Dogs’ and have some real fun running from house to house visiting our neighbors! Our first stop would be at Auntie Catherine’s and Grampy Bill’s right next door. We love them to pieces, they are just sooo much fun! We have a lot of the best neighbors ever!

Rain again this weekend, Nicholas won’t be happy! He thinks he’s made of sugar (probably because Mama is always telling him how sweet he is). Hard to be a ‘Beach Buddy’ when we’re getting so much rain.

Steven is at 5 Valley Road ($747,500) this Sunday from 2-4 pm with an open house is this gorgeous 2-storey in prestigious Hastings Cove. If you’re a clothes horse (like Mama and Auntie Blue), this home is a must see with one of the most fantastic closets Mama has ever seen, plus a stunning private back yard with in-ground pool and hot tub! We are at 1 Jester Court ($359,000) in an immaculate 2-storey home in a family neighborhood that’s one of the best buys on the market today! A must see! Looking for a waterfront cottage? Visit Steven is at 162 Hillside Road in Martinon on Saturday from 2-4pm at this 3 bedroom cottage with nice private beach on Grand Bay. Out of the fog belt plus fantastic swimming and boating!

Wishing you another great week. Get on out there, it’s all about lifestyle!

Your pal