May 21, 2014

Supper was a wee bit late last night as Mama was out listing a stunning new house at 6 John Street in Rothesay.  Daddy was looking after us but Mama says he can get a bit slack on keeping track of the time and keeping us on schedule! We know that Daddy is busy too and does his best.  Sounds like this house would be perfect for Nicholas and I as it has spacious rooms(good for big dogs) and a big fenced yard to play in.  It even has a pool!  How much fun could Buddy have in a pool?  Mama says I’d never come out of it!  With four fireplaces Nicholas would never be cold as he could curl right up in front of one, happy as a clam!  As the big Newf dawg I can’t stand too much heat myself so I’d choose to lay on the cool tiled floor myself in the winter and to keep me cool in the hot weather it has air conditioning!  Love it!  Mama says I may get shaved a bit this summer to help me stay cool.  Not too much Mama, I don’t want to look like a big geek, just go easy with the clippers! As the company mascot, I have an image to uphold you know!

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!  No fun for Big Buddy Bacon when Nicholas, Mama or Daddy won’t come out and play with me in the rain!  I don’t know what their problem is, it makes me feel nice and cool but even Nicholas just runs out to do his business and then right back in the house.  What a wis he is (tell me, I didn’t just say that).  I did get to the beach for about 30 minutes on Saturday at Haggerty’s Cove.  Just starting to really get into it, had two good swims, a few runs down the beach with my bro and three really good rolls in the sand (this makes Daddy crazy because then I get sand all through the cottage!) and then it starts to rain!  Right away Mama starts gathering us up, shouting “It’s raining, it’s raining, quick to the cottage”.  What the heck, it’s just a little rain, we’re not made of sugar.  Well Big Buddy Bacon is not but maybe Mama is cause I think she just sweet!  When she smiles at me and tells me what a good handsome boy I am, I could just melt!  It’s been raining ever since Saturday afternoon and not looking good for the week either.  “Rain rain go away, Buddy Bacon wants to play!”