May 25th, Blogging With Buddy

“Happy Birthday to Buddy! Happy Birthday to Buddy!  Happy Birthday Dear Buddy, Happy Birthday to Me!” I turn 2 years old today!!!  Me and our Pomeranian cousins, “The Twins”  Mira and Lucas share birthdays with them turning 8 years old today!  Not sure what the twins have going on but Mama promised me a Cheeseburger Picnic, one of my favourite things after swimming!  Of course I’ll share with my bro, Nicholas. The guy looks kinda cute in the funny pointed birthday hat!

Mama has an open house this afternoon from 2-4 at 32 Rowanberry Terrace in Millidgeville (her team are working Millidgeville today including 32 Deerwood Place and 59 Anchorage Avenue) so my picnic will have to be at supper time.  Daddy can fire up the barbeque, he’s good at that.  Nicholas and I can just smell those burgers cooking already.  Nicholas no drooling please, it’s very unbecoming.

On Friday we met Mama’s newest team member Kim Burt and she was really, really nice.  Nicholas, the big Romeo, snuck a kiss of course, he thinks she’s really cute.  The guy is not safe out!  Kim was good about it, she just pushed him away, giggled and told us that she has a chocolate brown lab of her own named Molly.  Ho, ho, ho I’d like to meet this Molly girl myself!  Maybe I can entice her to come over to the cheese burger picnic!  I’ll get Daddy to throw on a few extra burgers for Molly with extra cheese too!  We’re on the invisible fence here and Kim says Molly has it at home too so she’d be used to it.  We could have the play date right here in my own back yard!!!  You back off Nicholas, Molly just might be my new girl, if she likes me!  I may be no Don Juan but when Buddy Bacon turns the charm on, the girls, they are fond!  Ho, ho, ho Molly girl, you come on over here to visit Big Buddy Bacon, the burgers are on the house!  Fire up that barbeque Daddy, Buddy’s throwing a Birthday Party!


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  1. Hi Buddy, Aunt Heather finally figured out, with help from Uncle John, how to touch base with u. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We had a nice visited last week. You & Nicholas have grown to be handsome boys. I am enjoying your adventures at the beach & cottage. I think Momma should take you to her open houses because a handsome dog on the porch surely would be an asset to an property. Ta-ta for now. Auntie Heather

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