Blogging with Buddy, June 12th, 2015

Went for my first ever professional shampoo, cut and blow dry this week (Mama and Daddy usually do it)!  Oh what fun we had!  Absolutely loved the shampoo and blow dry part but standing around on a table for the cut and trim, not so much!  I didn’t mind getting trimmed and the clippers didn’t bother me at all but standing around for so long?  It was cutting into my nap time!!!  I arrived at 10am and I usually snooze after breakfast until close to noon.  Well that wasn’t going to happen!  Mama had to help hold me up when I’d try to sit or lay down (said her arms were aching, next time she’s bringing Daddy but he doesn’t know that yet).  I lived to tell the tale and now everyone says I’m sooo handsome!  My black coat is glistening with the effects of oatmeal shampoo which is so good for my skin, my chest and paws are snowy white and my sporty new trim is great in warm weather (if we ever get any) besides looking very chic!  I didn’t get trimmed too short; Mama calls it a puppy cut, kind of curly and fuzzy.  She says I’m strutting around like a peacock!  Daddy says I look bigger than ever because people use to think I was all fur but now they can tell that nope I’m all dog, it’s all Big Buddy Bacon!

Nicholas had a fit that I was going somewhere in the truck without him!  When I got home he was all over me with questions, “Where did you go, what did they do, what was it like?” “You look good but I smell strange scents on you”.  No fear little pal, you’re next!  Let’s see if you can man up and be as good a boy as I was at the groomer my first time?  We may be mutts but our groomers name is “Best in Show” and we sure do feel like show dogs when we come out of there!

Our open houses this weekend with Steven at 12 Coventry Crescent in Quispamsis with the stunning kitchen and we are at 1169 Route 860 Smithtown with an inviting country home on acreage.

Sunday is supposed to be a nice sunny day so come on out and have a look!

Your pal,

Buddy Paw Print