Blogging with Buddy, June 6th, 2015

Ha ha ha ha, I figured out how to open the gate down at the cottage all by myself!!! Mama just about had a kitten! I didn’t get too far as she was right there and witnessed it with her mouth hanging open in disbelief! “Doug, Doug, did you see what that dog just did?” I’ve been working on it every weekend and realized that if I hook my claws into the mesh and pull really hard towards myself that the latch will let go and the gate swings in. Thought for a moment that Nicholas and I would be ‘Free Dogs’ and have some real fun running from house to house visiting our neighbors! Our first stop would be at Auntie Catherine’s and Grampy Bill’s right next door. We love them to pieces, they are just sooo much fun! We have a lot of the best neighbors ever!

Rain again this weekend, Nicholas won’t be happy! He thinks he’s made of sugar (probably because Mama is always telling him how sweet he is). Hard to be a ‘Beach Buddy’ when we’re getting so much rain.

Steven is at 5 Valley Road ($747,500) this Sunday from 2-4 pm with an open house is this gorgeous 2-storey in prestigious Hastings Cove. If you’re a clothes horse (like Mama and Auntie Blue), this home is a must see with one of the most fantastic closets Mama has ever seen, plus a stunning private back yard with in-ground pool and hot tub! We are at 1 Jester Court ($359,000) in an immaculate 2-storey home in a family neighborhood that’s one of the best buys on the market today! A must see! Looking for a waterfront cottage? Visit Steven is at 162 Hillside Road in Martinon on Saturday from 2-4pm at this 3 bedroom cottage with nice private beach on Grand Bay. Out of the fog belt plus fantastic swimming and boating!

Wishing you another great week. Get on out there, it’s all about lifestyle!

Your pal