Blogging with Buddy, June 19th, 2015

What the heck???   I get in enough trouble on my own and now I’m getting blamed for things I didn’t even do!!!  Down at the cottage last weekend a neighbor came over and told Daddy that I ran away, came up from the beach all by myself and went up on their porch and pooped on it!  I can’t even believe they said that, yet alone thought it!  Daddy was highly insulted too!  Not only have I never run away from home but I’m totally house trained and the porch is part of the house as far as Big Buddy is concerned!  Daddy asked all the right questions (he’s never lost for words) and the people told him that it was a 200 pound black and white Newf dog!  There you go; now add more insult to injury as I’m down to 170 now on my new diet plan!  Nicholas and I put out heads together, who could this be?  Who would do something like this?   I’ve always been the only big black and white dog in the New River Beach area.  Upon further investigation with our friends the Andras, Don and Will helping us, we discovered that a house down on Haggerty’s Cove Beach had not one but actually two big 200 pound black and white Newfs visiting last weekend for the first time and they were down on the beach in front of the house in question!  Nicholas and I would love to have met them, we could have had some good fun on the beach and I bet they are great swimmers too, like me.  But don’t think we wouldn’t have given them a talking to about their lack of manners; we don’t care how big they are!  On second though probably better we didn’t meet them as Nicholas was just beyond himself at the insult to me and that guy may be little by my standards but he’s a real dynamo and I wouldn’t want to be in his bad books, if you know what I mean!  He’d wash the floor, I mean the beach, with them!  So we’ve never met them but if we do, I’m gonna say, “Listen fellas, you’re giving me a bad rap here in New River and I don’t appreciate it, so clean up your act and do it fast!”

Steven is at 21 Upper Deck Lane in Drury Cove this Sunday from 2-4pm.  Huge waterfront condo with walkout finished basement!  A must see.  Buddy Bacon could certainly swim here!!!  And we are at 300 Hillcrest Road the same day and time at a lovely modern family home with not one but two 2-car garages, one attached and one built-in all on 1.25 sprawling acres!   Lots of space for Buddy to run!

Hope you have a great weekend and that we see lots of sun for some summer fun!  Fire up that barbeque Daddy!  Nicholas and I will take a cheese burger please.

Your Pal,

Buddy BaconSand Paw Print