Blogging with Buddy, June 10th, 2016

I’m feeling so much better with my daily swims in the river (or the bay) and I’m looking fine too!  Off to see Dr Kelly for my weight in.  I think I did really super well this week as I’m sticking right to my diet and I’ve been swimming further and further, getting stronger!

Mama listed the most beautiful English-style house this week on the river at 53 Meenans Cove Road.  Nicholas and I have listened to her talk about the beautiful cabinetry, high ceilings and covered outdoor terrace but what we’re really excited about is the two boys who live there, Keeper and River!  Keeper is five years old and River is only six months (still wild at that age, will make a good friend for our Nicholas).  They are both beautiful golden retrievers but what makes them special to Mama is she says that they have long flowing coats in a gorgeous dark red colour, similar to an Irish Setter.  This is the original colour of this breed and she says it’s stunning.  What makes them special to Nicholas and I is the fact that they are great swimmers just like us! They have the perfect place in their own back yard to just jump in any time and enjoy a refreshing swim.  That would be heaven!  We’re really looking forward to getting together with them and jumping right into that river with them!  Of course Nicholas thinks he’s going to be the fastest swimmer (the little guy has an ego) but I hear that Keeper is no slough so we’ll have to see.  Mama says I have to be careful around River as he’s still only a baby still so we I can’t play rough.  She says that sometimes I forget my own size!  I don’t plan on doing much playing but I just can’t wait to jump in the river and swim up and down the shoreline showing off my smooth, strong, even stokes.  I may not be as fast as Nicholas but when it comes to endurance I’m the winner.  We’re like the tortoise and the hare.  Nicholas is the hare going full speed ahead and I’m like the tortoise just quietly going along, not in a rush but steady as she goes!  See the pic below, you can tell that River is a fun little guy and Keeper is the one with all the patience.  Ha, ha, I can just imagine all the fun we’ll have!

Keeper & River

Mama also listed a waterfront property at 200 Inglewood Drive in Grand Bay/Westfield with five acres that we want to visit.  It’s right on the St. John River and Grand Bay with its own private beach.  It sounds like a great place with a very nice ranch-style house with huge deck.  Not only is it on the waterfront but they also have an oversized pool!  We could enjoy a pool too but Mama says no way, that we cannot be jumping into our clients pools!  I say it shows the buyers how much fun a guy can have and Nicholas says he’d enjoy the heated water but that didn’t fly with Mama either.  So no-go for us two in the pool but we can still enjoy the beautiful water of Grand Bay!

200 Inglewood pool

Next week on Saturday June 18th Mama is having a very special Fine Homes International™ Waterfront Open House at 36 Yacht Haven Lane at the Moorings of Millidgeville!  This will be held during the RKYC Regatta sail boat race.  Mama invites you to come and join her on the deck for the very best view point of the race!  Time to be announced, see you there!


Your pal,

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