Blogging with Buddy June 17, 2016

Wowsy, wowsy, wow, wow!  The sun is shining!  Nicholas and I were afraid that we were going to start mildewing!!!  Poor Nicholas was getting cabin fever and chasing his tail like crazy.  I’m like “Whoa Nicky my boy, chill a wee bit.”  Round and round and round he goes in our foyer, like a banshee!   We did get out each evening for our nightly swim and walk and boy did it pay off!  I went to see Dr. Kelly today and I’m down 3 pounds!  She is so proud of me and Mama is too.  Even through the rain, fog and cold Mama made sure I got my swim in.  She gets out her funny polka dot rain boots and umbrella and away we go.  Daddy came too even though he didn’t look too happy some days in the rain, grumbling under his breath!  He’d say, “Do we have to go tonight, let’s wait until tomorrow.”  But Mama insisted, she says my health comes first and rain or shine Big Buddy Bacon is going for his daily swim!  I’m so glad she did as I’m feeling so much better, more active, happier and slimmer!  Dr. Kelly says I look more like I lost 5 pounds but that’s just because I’m building muscle and tightening up.  Charles Atlas step aside cause Big Buddy Bacon is on a program!!!

Mama is all excited about the Fine Homes International Open House she is hosting at 36 Yacht Haven in the Moorings of Millidgeville Saturday from 1pm – 3pm.   Lovely waterfront, open concept ranch home with walkout basement and windows galore overlooking the river.  Our open house is all centered on the RKYC Regatta with the sailboat race starting at 1pm.  Join Mama on the huge deck overlooking the yacht club, Kennebecasis River and most importantly this Saturday; the big race!  You won’t find a better advantage point and it’s supposed to be a fabulous warm sunny day!  I’m trying to talk her into letting me and Nicholas go too but she’s afraid we’ll jump in and go out after the sail boats!  Come to think of it that sounds like a lot of fun to us!   Paws crossed, hope to see you there.  Don’t forget your binoculars!

Your Pal,


Big Buddy Bacon  Sand Paw Print

57 COPY 36 Yacht Haven Ext. deck & view c
Join us to view the house & watch the race!