Blogging with Buddy, June 3rd, 2016

Oh Happy Day!  I’ve been swimming every night this week in the Kennebecasis River plus a little walk (Nicholas too) and today I went to the vet for my weigh in!  Everyone said they could see a difference in me already but I didn’t know if it was true or were they just saying that trying to make me feel good!  Low and behold I’m down 2 pounds!  Whoa Bessy!  Looking   G o o d!  My vet, Dr. Kelley called Mama twice this week to make sure I was having my daily swims and sticking with the diet she’s put me on.  I just love Dr. Kelley, she is so sweet (and pretty too, I always sneak her a kiss when she gets close enough to check my ears) but I gotta tell you this diet is for the birds!  Big Buddy Bacon is NOT a happy camper with absolutely no treats, none at all!  None when I get up in the morning, none when I’m a really good boy and none before I go to bed.  I feel like calling the SPCA and reporting cruelty to an animal, ME!  After all I’ve got connections there.  Poor Nicholas is suffering right along with me as Mama won’t give him treats and not both of us.  The two of us are just shaking out heads in amazement, “Whaz up?”  Mama says the good side is that I am being more active, losing weight and getting healthier.  And I have to admit I am feeling much better all ready.  I get to have a drive in Daddy’s truck every evening as we head to the beach and there is nothing Nicholas and I enjoy more than a drive in the truck, zooming through Rothesay, checking out all the dogs in our neighbourhood as we go by.  And let me tell you, there are a lot of dogs in Rothesay, tons!  Every size, colour, shape and breed!  We’re always scouting the area for a cute girl.  Nicholas’ head snaps right around when we spot one.  Ha, ha.  I think I’m the biggest boy in Rothesay but if they keep swimming me and holding back the good stuff that may change but Nicholas doesn’t think so!  That big mouth says that I have nothing to worry about!  The smarty pants.

Lots of open houses on for the Team this weekend!  On Saturday from 11am to 1pm Steven is at 868 Route 845 in Kingston.  This is the stunning property I wrote about in ‘Buddy’s Best’ in the real estate guide.  It has 28 acres, a pond and a brook (and a lovely home by Queen Construction).  Stop by and have a look after visiting the Kingston Market!  Then when he’s finished here Steven rushes off to 171 Belmont Street, off Mount Pleasant Ave East in the city from 2pm-4pm.  You just can’t keep a good man down!  This is the perfect starter home with a nice location, large eat-in kitchen and plenty of good features.  Then on Sunday, from 2pm -4pm Steven is at 142 Centennial Road in Hampton.  This is one AMAZING property and one that I am featuring in my next ‘Buddy’s Best’ ad.  It is a second Empire Italianate Country Estate circa 1871 on 8.27 scenic acres.  This is the same style of historic home that Mama grew up in, (she says it brings back lots of great memories).  I just love the huge rooms and sprawling grounds.  Lots of room for Big Buddy Bacon to romp and play here!  At the same time 2pm -4pm Jody is hosting 924 Main Street, also in Hampton.  This is a charming home with character galore, that’s catching lots of attention.  It has inviting sunny room and stunning grounds.  Hope you can drop by both of these wonderful properties and say hello!  You never know, you may even see Nicholas and I there!

Your pal

Big Buddy BaconPaw