May 1!

My name is Benjamin Bartholomew Bacon, (better known as Big Buddy Bacon) and my mother sells real estate.  I live in Rothesay on the 3rd tee of Riverside Golf Course with my father and mother and my older brother (by six months, I’m one and a three quarter and he’s two), Nicholas Copernicus Bacon.  We may be mutts from the shelter but we’ve got pretty high flouting names!  Nicholas and I are both rescue dogs from the SPCA, myself from Gatineau Que. and Nicholas from Dartmouth NS.  Our mother found us on-line through a Google Search, can you imagine!  I told Nicholas, “we hit the jackpot that day, we surely did bucko”!  If ever two orphaned dogs were loved it’s us!  People say we are spoiled rotten but Mama corrects them saying yes we are spoiled but we’re certainly not rotten!

Because our mother sells real estate we live with her crazy schedule!  Mama makes sure that we are rarely alone though because Heather, her assistant, is always with us Monday to Friday 9-5.  We like Heather.  She keeps us good company and lets us in and out if the need be (even slips us a few treats but keep that one on the down low!) while mother is out showing houses and all the things she does.  We hear Mama is a good agent but then again we’re more than a little biased! If we were looking to buy a new home there is no one else we’d rather see them with!  We like to lie beside her desk when she’s working at the computer.  She spends many hours on the computer answering emails, talking to clients, making up advertisements and planning sale strategies.  Every so often she gives our heads a rub and tells us what good sweet boys we are!  Are we in Heaven, nope but its darn close!