May 3!

Here I am on my second day in the blogging world! Nicholas and I were surprised to get so many nice emails, thank you! I read each one to him.

We’re so happy to see such a bright blue sky sunny day!!! Mama promised to do something special with us today since she’s working tomorrow at her open house at 59 Anchorage Ave in Millidgeville from 2-4. She says its waterfront with a fabulous panoramic view! I said we don’t care about the view, if it’s waterfront why can’t Nicholas and I come along for a swim!

We saw the pictures and there is a nice staircase right down to the water. Perfect! Easy access! Mama says there is no way we’re coming to open houses. She can’t baby sit us and considerate on the potential buyers at the same time. We keep telling her, “We don’t need babysitting!

Nicholas is two and I’m going to be two in July, we’re big boys now. Plus we’re fantastic swimmers; if the little guy gets in trouble I’ll pull him out, as a Newfoundland dog that’s what I do! We’ll stay down at the water out of the way and show the people just how much fun you can really have with a waterfront property!” She says “Forget it, it’s not going to happen, no unsupervised swimming and you two are not coming to open houses.” Okay, okay, okay I’ve got it, no open houses for me and Nicholas (or is it Nicholas and I.. Whatever).

To make up for it Mama is taking us to the beach today!!! We’re going to run, run, run and swim, swim, swim! The sand will be flying and our ears will be straight out behind us! Daddy says, “We’re crazy, it’s too cold out”. He seems to tell us we’re crazy a lot but we just said, “Hey big Daddy, bundle up and get on the band wagon, roll that truck out and let’s head to the beach because we’re going to have a real fun, fun, fun day!

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