Blogging With Buddy, October 16th, 2014

Can you believe this glorious autumn!!! Warm sunny days, almost too warm for the Big Bud with my thick Newf coat! The good news is that Nicholas and I still get to go for runs on the Haggerty’s Cove beach on the weekends. Mama says any day now the temperature is going to drop and our beach days will be over until next summer. That’s when we give up the sand and start playing in the white stuff I love sooooo much but I am not at this point allowed to talk about it!!!

Lots of excitement last week! Mama was working away in her home office, while Nicholas and I were out on our Invisible Fence supposedly out and about checking out our yard looking for Chipper the squirrel when Mama heard some wild screaming coming from the lower garden. She knew immediately that it was Nicholas and ran to the living room window to see what was wrong. There Nicholas had dropped his favourite ball into Daddy’s Koi pond and he had fallen in! He was standing on the bottom with water up to his armpits, front paws on the edge, crying his eyes out as he couldn’t jump out. Mama quickly cranked open the window and called out, “Hang on Nicholas, I’m on my way.” He immediately stopped crying and calmed down knowing she was coming out to help him. I ran as fast as I could for the back door barking in my biggest big-dog bark for Mama to come help us. As she ran down the hall grabbing her shoes I was arriving at the door, I had to get help to rescue my brother! Mama and I ran for the pond as fast as we could go and there was poor Nicholas looking pretty pathetic, just standing in the water waiting for our help. Mama didn’t think she could lift him out as he weighs about 80 pounds so she recalled a little game we play all the time at the beach with the Fetch-It that might help in this instance. She squatted down beside him and took him by the collar and said “Okay Nicholas, are you ready? One…, two…, Three!” On three Nicholas jumped just as Mama lifted and he flew right out of that pond (I have to admit, the little guy is very smart to know that’s what was expected). We brought him up the house, got a big bath towel, dried him off and brought him in where he quickly settled in for a nap. I was sooooo happy that he was safe and curled up with him on the couch. Too much excitement for one day for Big Buddy Bacon! Now I know why we are not allowed to stay out in the yard when Mama is away from the house, you never know what might happen (especially with Nicholas around).

The hot property this last week seems to be the century plus fishing lodge in Loch Lomond with grandfathered fishing rights! I went out with Mama to take a look and it has beautiful meadows (good for running and rolling on the grass) and huge trees. Nicholas and I could have a lot of fun on this property and Daddy could even catch a fish or two (huge fish out there). We just love these outings and getting a drive in the truck! Only on the market one week and we already have an accepted offer! Pretty good for a recession!