Blogging With Buddy, September 26th, 2014

First I must say “Happy Birthday” to daddy today! Our friends at New River Beach are having a big party for him and Nicholas and I are invited! Nothing we enjoy more than a good party where “we boys” are included. Everyone down there loves us (what’s not to love?).

We’ve had some exciting outings to Spyglass Hill this last week (pics attached)! Been going up every night before dark as Mama likes to see the colourful sunsets over the river and we all enjoy the walk. Nicholas and I just want to meet all the new furry friends we’re making! Going to this place is like dying and going to Doggy Heaven! Large hay fields, wood trails, lots of doggies, what more could a boy ask for? Nicholas just goes nuts, running like crazy! We were on trial this week to see if we were going to be good boys out and about sticking close to Mama and behave ourselves. She says so far we’re batting a 100! One night our friend Candace came with us. We just love Candace (see our picture attached).

Team Platinum has a busy Sunday with three open houses scheduled from 2-4;
• 31 Fox Point Drive, 2-storey family home with superior quality and great value in Drury Cove! Kim Burt
• 21 Upper Deck, new upscale waterfront condo with gorgeous finished walkout basement! Steven Barrett
• 21 Allison Drive, beautifully renovated on quiet cul de sac within walking distance to RNS & Spyglass Hill! Candace Dixon

Hope you have a good weekend and if I’m lucky Big Buddy Bacon may get in for another swim in the Bay of Fundy! This time of year I’m just keeping my hopes up one week at a time!
Cnadace and dogs


Buddy, Nicholas just love Candace!



Happy Dog Spyglass Sept 25, 2014

Nicholas & Buddy run the top of the hill!



I love this place! Spyglass Sept 25, 2014