Blogging with Buddy, November 15th, 2014

Yahoo!!! Mama said it would come soon and here it is, white, cold, fluffy snow! This Big Buddy is sooooo happy! Mama has a hard time to get me in the house now for two days! I stay out for hours at a time while she calls out the door, “Buddy Bacon, you get in this house!” Nicholas is wearing his argyle knit sweater (another creation by Doggy Duds) with fur lining and he comes out for 20 to 40 minutes at a time then goes back in to warm up and lay by the fire, especially today. We run, jump and roll (lots of rolling), shake off the snow and then do some more frolicking around the property. Nicholas likes to burrow his face in it and his face comes out looking white instead of black. I go in once and a while for a short time, maybe 15 to 20 minutes to warm out and then bark at the door to go out again! Mama says we’re driving her crazy! Don’t know why!

Today our good friend Rocco came out to play with us! Oh Boy, oh joy! Rocco is a one year old Rottweiler/Husky mix, high energy and plenty of fun! He and Nicholas go ballistic together, especially in the snow while I jump around breaking them up, making sure it all good clean fun with no overly rough fighting. That agile Nicholas sure can hold his own, I must be the referee (I am wearing black and white naturally). We sure do love Rocco! We’ve been giving him pointers as to how to look extra cute and innocent this time of year so he’ll get more goodies from Santa. We told him, “If you’re even thinking about getting into mischief just hold off at least until after New Year’s!”

With the Team’s three sales this week Pam has been super busy shuffling paper work between bankers and lawyers. Heather’s busy setting up appointments for inspectors and water testing. Steven and Kim are busy this weekend with more open houses, Mama is busy showing houses and making sure all is copasetic while Nicholas and I are busy playing in the snow and keeping our blog updated. We all work together as Team Platinum, Go Team Go! Mama will kill us when she finds out but we are both hoping for more snow! To her it means ploughing, shovelling, frozen lock boxes and slippery driving but to us it means more fun, fun, fun in the white stuff with our Mum!!!