Blogging with Buddy, November 13th, 2014

Hello again from Big Buddy Bacon.  Nicholas and I can’t believe the beautiful mild weather we’re having!  Mama was so excited about it that she spent most of the weekend decorating the outside of our house for Christmas while she could without freezing her hands off (which is usually the case)!  Dad says she goes a little overboard with the decorating but she says it’s in her blood and she loves it.  We think it looks pretty good and I got in a bit of trouble as I snatched an artificial blue jay out of a planter that was part of her decorations and ripped it to shreds before I got caught!

It’s not very often that Buddy Bacon is called a B A D dog but I did get that on Saturday! (along with a finger shaken in my face).  Oh Boy!  Of course sweet little Nicholas just ran around chasing his favourite yellow ball.  He’s more impressed than I am with the mild weather as I really do love the cold with my big Newf coat (Mama says I look like a bear cub!).  That’s okay because when the cold wind blows and everybody starts belly aching and complaining about it, Buddy Bacon will be sitting back with a big smile on my face so toasty in my big fur coat!  That’s when Mama pulls out Nicholas’ fur lined overcoat with Velcro fastens (needs strong fastens for when we get rough housing out in the yard).  The little guy doesn’t have much meat on him so he really needs a good warm coat!  Mama has new plaid lined yellow rain slickers ordered for both of us and she’s tired of towel drying us on rainy days.  Dad says it’s going to look stupid, we’ll see, I can’t say I’m too impressed but we’ll model them and show you the pics when they arrive.

The Team is busy as usual with open houses on both Saturday and Sunday with this Saturday being 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove, (new waterfront condo) and Sunday our fab new waterfront listing at 10 Luminous Court in Morrisdale near Westfield on the St John River (gorgeous upscale waterfront with sandy beach, just the type Buddy likes)!  They’ve been busy selling too with Steven selling one Friday night and Mama selling one yesterday!  Both waterfront properties, go Team go!

Nicholas and I are heading out now to wait for the Mailman.  Really nice guy, loves us, we love him and he gives good treats!  Talk with you soon!