Blogging with Buddy March 31st, 2017

Congratulations to Herbie Paxton on the sale of his beautiful waterfront home in Morrisdale.  If I had any say I’d have been moving right into this one myself Herbie!  With the big yard, fine sandy beach and deep waterfront for swimming, it’s all the Budster really wants in life.  Oh, and I almost forgot, there was an awesome house thrown into the package too!  Nice pic of Herbie below on his patio in Morrisdale.  Good luck to you and your family in your new home Herbie!

We thought we were getting off easy but winter is back!  And don’t I know it!  I was on my way home from the clinic with Mama on Monday from my water treadmill session with Dr. Bogdan and we stepped out of the clinic into a winter wonderland!  A lot of wet fresh fallen snow had come down while I was in my appointment.  Good thing we’re driving an all-wheel drive SUV and it’s not too far from the clinc at the Fairvale Animal Hospital to our house on Renshaw Road because we barely make it home!  The road was covered with a coating of ice and then six inches of snow on top of it.  Even though Mama drove super slow, we were sliding all around as were the other drivers.  When we tuned from the Rothesay Road into the Renshaw Road we made in onto Renshaw and then slam right into the snow bank!  I couldn’t believe it, I looked all around and said, “What to heck Mama, keep’r between the poles please!”  Good thing mama had the Budster in back for extra weight over the wheels for added traction.  And good thing she has lots of experience with driving in icy conditions as we needed this combo to get out of that snow bank.  When she was around 20 she used to ice race motorcycles, something like flat track.  As she says, that wasn’t yesterday!  I say, that’s okay, just use what you know and get us to heck out of here.  So we gently rocked back and forth a few times and out we came.  Then the challenge was to get up that big long hill.  This is where I think it was very important that I added this extra weight to the back.  We kept gaining momentum as we went  and flew right into our garage.  Nicholas had stayed home with papa and I told him all about it.  “You missed all the action little fella”.  Mama says spring is going to hit any day now and let me tell you we’re all ready!

Candace is busy with another out of town buyer this weekend and the Team has several open houses planned for Saturday and Sunday, all between 2pm and 4pm.  On Saturday we are featuring 467 Clearview Row, West at $249,000 and 241 Eriskay Drive Rothesay at $578,000.  Then Sunday we feature 2374 Rothesay Road at $650,000 and 3105 Rothesay Road at $989,000.  We invite you to drop by to view this exceptional properties.  Hope to see you soon,

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon