Blogging with Buddy April 7th, 2017

April showers bring May flowers!  Big Buddy Bacon is all ready for the showers and so is his little side kick, Nicholas.  We’ve got our snappy yellow rain coats all set out for the wet weather with New Brunswick tartan collars, pocket and lining.  We had to have them custom made as no stores here sell coats for a dog built like Buddy Bacon.  I think they are pretty cool, waterproof and little Nicolas is strutting proud in his holding his tail high!


Candace sold another house today in Woodleigh Park on Colchester Dr!  Yeah Candace, way to go!  We’re so proud of you!  Gus Dixon was in this week for his professional cut and shampoo, getting all dolled up and looking fine!  That’s all Mama had to hear and she’s right on our case to get a long overdo bath.  For heaven sake’s Gus, don’t say anything just hit the groomer and keep it to yourself.  Now we’re gonna be nagged day and night until we jump in that tub!!!  I did get my nails trimmed when I was at the vet today for my water treadmill session with Bogdan.  I gotta stay in shape because I’ve been working at it all winter and beach weather is right around the corner and will be here before I know it!

Nice article in the TJ this past week on our dear friend Sandy Robertson’s fantastic private island with drive-on causeway, Robertson’s Point.  Buddy Bacon can tell you that he’s been out on this island and it is truly awesome with groomed trails, beaches, great swimming, boating, deep water anchorage and some of the best sunset views you’ll see this side of Hawaii, all that a big loveable Newfoundland boy could ever ask for in a property and more.  Check it out below and call Mama for a tour.  The perfect spot for your dream home!


The Team will not be hosting open houses on Easter weekend in respect for the season and also in respect for our sellers who want to enjoy quality time with their families from near and far.  We will resume on the 29th and 30th with some special events.  Keep posted for more details!

Jazzy Burns (Standard Poodle) at 17 Waterview Place dropped the price of his home today to $325,000.  This is great value for a very high quality, architecturally designed home with a huge acre plus fenced yard, 9-16 foot ceilings, hardwood floors and cosy wood-burning fireplace.  Be careful jazzy not to snuggle up too close to that cosy flame just in case the sparks fly!  Jazzy is a wild and crazy guy just like our Nicholas and I’m thinking these guys would have a ball together!  I’m going to mention it to Mama that she should set up a play date for the two of them.  I’m not sure who’ll run faster or jump higher but Buddy Bacon is ready to watch all the action from the side-lines!


Our little cousins Myra and Lucas (the Pomeranian twins) will be heading home from the sunny south this Sunday, leaving early at 6am!  Not a day too soon with temperatures there hitting 98F recently they can’t wait to get back to the air conditioned city and to their home here in the valley.  They will take their time with Uncle Clinton at the wheel and Aunt Blue navigating the highways and byways.  They’ve been doing this for 20 years so they know these roads like the back of their hand.  We expect them to arrive sometime Wednesday and we just can hardly wait!  Its going to be a shocker when they arrive here and it’s still below freezing at night.  We sent Uncle Clinton a text and warned him to get out his Stansfield’s and to brace himself!  We don’t worry about the cousins as they have gorgeous big red coats like foxes but what about our dear Auntie Blue!  She’d better get out her flannels, wool sweater, warmest jacket and even her gloves because it’s going to be a shocker long before she gets anywhere near our border.

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk with you soon.

Big Buddy Bacon