Blogging with Buddy, March 25th, 2016

Happy Easter!  Well, the first day of spring was great, blue sky, sun shining and most of the snow gone.  We went for an extra big walk with Mama and Papa.  Then pow!  Next day we’re hit with the  dreaded Nor’easter.  We woke up to a white out!  I kept wanting to be out in all that fabulous swirling snow but Mama kept a close eye on me and my outings in the yard were short lived.  Whimpey little Nicholas spent the day curled up by the fire and wouldn’t come out to play.  I have to remember that the little guy doesn’t have my big Newf coat which Mama says resembles a bear skin.  It’s two lawyers thick with a good layer of downy fur close to my body and then my extra heavy thick fur coat on top of that.  Great in the winter as I don’t feel a thing but not so good in summer when the sun is beating down.  That’s when I hang in the shade and enjoy jumping in the Bay of Fundy for a refreshing swim every chance I get!  Mama bought special commercial-quality clippers just for me this year to prepare me for summer time but that’s another storey!  I must say that I already had my first swim of the year last week.  Along our walk we were passing a pond and when Mama looked the other way, splash, there goes the Budster doing a strong dog paddle stroking out across the water.  Yahoo!  I love it.  Nicholas looked at me as if I had two heads then put his paw over his eyes.  He’s a great swimmer but doesn’t like the cold water.  Mama yelled, “Buddy Bacon, you get out of that pond, now.”  Out I come, sopping wet with the biggest smile on my face.  I did a big shake.  The water was running off me the whole way home so by the time we got there I was fairly dry (my coat is so thick it took about 6 hours in the house before I was fully dry).  I’ve been watching that pond all winter and just waiting for the ice to melt.  A few weeks earlier I got in as far as the edge up to my knees and was using my big paws to break the ice but Mama caught me and ordered me out.  Sometimes I think she just doesn’t get it but I love her to pieces.

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter and that the bunny finds your house.  He has always found ours but Nicholas and I can’t for the life of us figure out how he does it.  We’ve looked in every nook and cranny but we see no sign of him and then Easter morning there are some wonderful treats for us.  We’re both looking for the same thing this year.  There is a new heavy canvas duck out and when you pull it’s beak it flies 100 feet in the air!  Imagine what fun we can have with that!  Nicholas drools just talking about it.  We’ll each need our own as we don’t share that well.  Wonder if we can play with it in the house?  Not likely, we have house rules you know.  All you furry friends make sure you stay away from the Easter chocolate as it doesn’t agree with us canines you know. We got Daddy another funny card.  The front shows the fattest bunny rabbit you ever saw sitting back on his haunches with his big hind feet sticking up and says, “Iz hiding the candy in mah tummy”!  He has a really guilty look on his face.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  We love picking out these cards.

Our Team never has open houses on Easter Weekend but they are always busy Saturday and Monday showing houses especially to re-locators who like to fly in for the long weekend and locals taking a break and ready to search for their dream homes.  We certainly have beautiful dream homes, one for every taste!

Until next week, we’ll talk with ya soon and enjoy a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Your pal

Buddy Bacon