Buddy’s Blog, March 18th, 2016

Top of the morning to ya and Happy St Patrick’s Day!  Since Mama has Irish on both sides (Delaney & O’Regan) she was all into this special day yesterday.  Nicholas and I were wearing our Kelley green scarves and we gave Papa a funny St. Patrick’s Day Card.  It showed a picture of a dog on the front wearing a green plaid pea-cap while smoking a pipe.  On the front it said, “I’m not a Leprechaun” then inside it added, “And what you’ll be finding in the yard is not a pot of gold!” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Nicholas and I laughed so hard.  Papa wasn’t as impressed as we were as he does most of the scooping in the yard.  Mama says it’s the down side of owning big dogs but we’re worth it!  Let’s not get Papa’s take on that.

We were out early this morning, playing in the new snow.  I was sooo happy as I’ve hardly seen snow all winter.  Too weird but Mama seems happy over it.  She hasn’t needed her boots all winter and it’s nice and easy for the buyers to get around looking at the houses.  Plus they can actually see the landscaping that is included, it’s not buried under five feet of snow like last year.  This is probably why showings are up so much this winter over last.

Team Platinum Open Houses this weekend on Sunday from 1pm to 3pm are uptown in the Historic district within walking distance of all uptown amenities  including the City Market, Brunswick Square, Market Square, King Square, Imperial Theatre, Harbour Station, plenty of bars, restaurants, galleries and numerous office buildings.  Have you ever considered living in an area where you walk to work?  Takes the need for two cars totally away.  What a great savings.  No need for taxi expenses either.  After a night out on the town with friends simply walk home and save the taxi fare.  Uptown living is a whole different lifestyle than the suburbs. Steven will be hosting 28 Mecklenburg Street with it’s amazing Italianate-style  built in 1877 and Jody will be hosting 212 Germain Street, a fabulous Victorian-style, turn of the century home. Both homes are brimming with character, elegance and charm. Hope you can stop in to say hello and have a tour.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon