Blogging with Buddy, January 22nd, 2016

Finally, I’m getting my own ad in the Real Estate Guide and not a day too soon!  As the Platinum mascot I will be presenting my favourite properties that will be of special interest to all your four-legged furry friends like me, (dogs and cats included) which will appeal to children and grandchildren of all ages as well!  These homes will include unique features such as large yards or acreage for running and playing ball, pools for swimming, waterfront beaches for digging and roasting delicious treat at the fire (my favourite is Top Dog wieners), trails for going on long walks together, proximity to parks and treed area for climbing or even a treehouse!  All the features that are most important to us pets and children.  I spoke up at the last team meeting and everyone agreed with me that this type of property is important to young families with toddlers & young children, tweens and teens, empty nesters with grandchildren and absolutely everyone who owns pets.  After all we furry friends have our own check-list of requirements when searching for a new home and the same things that are important to us are important to children as well.  Who has more fun than a boy and his dog?

Mama says maybe a girl and her dog or cat.  Mama has had many cats in her lifetime and she’s been trying to talk Daddy into allow two new kittens into the house!  No luck so far but she hasn’t given up.  Daddy is worried about how Nicholas and I will react to kittens but Mama says she’s always had cats and dogs and we will all adjust quickly.  So far he’s not convinced.  Nicholas and I can’t really imagine it at this point as it’s always been just the two of us.  Mama says a kitty would crawl right up on top of me when I’m sleeping and have a nap on my soft warm coat.  I’m a pretty easy going guy so I’d probably be okay with that.  I might even look out for the little fella.  Not sure what Nicholas would think of it all.  He might get a little jealous.  He does that sometimes even when people pay too much attention to me.

Nicholas and I want to say a special thank you to Carter at the Marr Road Shell Station who unexpectedly treated us to dog treats when we stopped by this week for a much needed car wash.  They were yummy good, what a surprise!  “Mama, do we need a car wash today?” ha, ha.

Your Pal,

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