Blogging with Buddy, January 29th, 2016

What happened to the snow?  I wait all year for it and it’s almost gone!  Nicholas has been having a blast chasing the ball on the grass but I’m having trouble finding a bit of snow to roll in and make my big snow angels.  Mama says don’t worry there will be more on the way, maybe even today.

We’ve been having a great time with our daily walks on the trails behind RNS.  Sometimes with Mama’s hectic schedule it’s quite late in the day when we arrive and we’re coming out of the woods just as the sun is setting.  She’s always got her flashlight just in case we get caught late but Daddy says we have to be more careful so we’re trying to get our walks in a bit earlier.  We have bumped into so many new and old four-legged furry friends there this past week!  First it was Cassie and Finnigan who went tearing around with Nicholas on the fly while I sat close to their daddy for a nice rub (I can’t keep up with the fools so I’m not even trying anymore).  I say hello and let them go.  They were running, jumping and diving in the air, quite a sight.  Then we saw Leonard who was just as crazy (Nicholas thought he died and went straight to Heaven with these fast playmates).  We saw our friend and neighbor Max, the border collie (black and white) and then a few days later we met a new guy named Max, also a border collie but brown and white.  We met others too but they were busy on their way and we didn’t catch their names.  Every day is a new adventure on the trails.  On the weekends Daddy comes with us and one day this week our dear friend Heather Mason came for the walk.  We absolutely love her and were happy to hear that she’s coming again next week!

If you’re out and about this weekend, drop into our Team Platinum open houses.  Saturday Steven is at 41 Pleasant City Street from 2-4 and on Sunday (same time) he’s at 62 Park Drive in Kennebecasis Park while Jody is at 36 Maliseet in Rothesay.  You’ll be hearing more from me on these last two properties as they are definitely Paw Approved, if you know what I mean!

Well finally I have my own ad in the Real Estate Guide in the TJ and I’m sooo excited about it!  “Buddy’s Best”! This is where as Prudential Platinum Properties’ official mascot I get to present some of my own favourite properties that will be of special interest to all the four-legged furry friends, like me, children and grandchildren of all ages as well.  This is what I call “Paw Approved”.  After all children and pets want the same features in a home!  These properties will include unique features such as large flat yards for running and playing ball, pools for swimming, waterfront beaches for digging and roasting delicious treats at the fire, skating ponds in winter, trails for going on long walks together and treed areas for climbing or even a treehouse!    The homes will have larger rooms for playing indoors, ceramic tile or other types of easy care flooring (some floors will be heated), separate play rooms for rainy days, cozy fireplaces to curl up in front of on cold winter days, Jack and Jill bathrooms, plenty of closets to store our toys and some may even have a real dog bath included!  All the most features most important to us pets and children!  Check it out in the guide and be sure to share “Buddy’s Best” with your furry friends and children.  The Team says I’ve got a real eye for fun properties and you know that Buddy Bacon is all about fun, fun, fun in the summer sun and the winter snow too!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Rothesay 2-20160129-01161
Where’s the snow?