Blogging with Buddy, December 24th, 2015

It’s finally here!!!  The day we’ve been so patiently waiting for, Christmas Eve.  We’ve been good for so long now that we can hardly stand it and we’re sooo excited, can’t wait to open our gifts .  Mama keeps telling us that this is not what Christmas is all about but we can smell treats in the bags beneath our tree.  Mama snuck us one today from our pals Special & Spirit, sooo yummy.  Daddy says we’ve spoiled rotten and have way too many gifts from friends and family but our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton say he’s the spoiled one in the family and Mama agrees wholeheartedly!  Special thanks to our friends from Sussex, Tux, Rave & Daisy for finding the elusive elf who’s been spying on us and for sending us his picture!  Low and behold he was spying on them too but they’re so quick they caught him and threw him right in the tree!  Good going guys, keeps him to heck out of here!  Thanks for sending the pic.  We absolutely love it!

Elusive Elf
The elusive Elf

Let us not forget that it’s Nicholas’ Birthday on Christmas Day!  He’s named after Saint Nicholas and he’ll be four years old (although you’d never know it).  Mama got him a little mini birthday cake at Sobeys that says “Happy Birthday Nicholas”.  I saw the little size of it and I have to say by the time the Budster has a piece that will be the end of the cake, too bad for the rest of them, ha, ha.  So happy fourth birthday Nicholas!  He went for a visit to Shannex Parkland in the Valley in Quispamsis on the 23rd to visit our Auntie Rita and bring her a special Christmas gift.  Mama had gifts for her but Nicholas had a special one from himself.  Auntie Rita always had a special place in her heart for Nicholas as she used to baby sit him when he was only twelve weeks old and has fond memories of all his shenanigans as a baby! He brought her a framed picture of himself so she can place it in her living room and that way he’ll always be with her.  I didn’t go to Shannex as Mama says she can only handle one of us at a time but she promised Auntie Rita that I’ll be the one to visit next time.  There were several ladies in the reception area when Mama and Nicholas arrived and they just went crazy over Nicholas (just imagine what they’ll do when they see the Budster!).  He comes strutting in wearing his custom red plaid NB tartan coat he got last Christmas looking very debonair.   He sits right up so proud and well behaved as Mama signs them in.  The ladies are all saying, “What a beautiful dog (that’s all the little guy needed to hear), what’s his name?”  Then he has to greet everyone and he has this thing he does where he sits right up and puts the right paw up for a hand shake if you say to him, “How do you do?”  He was a hit, no doubt about it.  Then cool as a cucumber he goes up the elevator to our Auntie Rita’s apartment.  She was sooo happy to see him and the feeling was mutual.  She had special treats for him too!  I had to stay home with Daddy and we had our own fun but I can’t wait for my visit with Auntie Rita, hopefully coming soon.

Nicholas close up
Nicholas gift to Auntie Rita

Meanwhile down south our cousins Myra and Lucas were stars in the golf cart Christmas Parade in their park.  Those two little minx were all decked out for the holidays and proud as peacocks sitting up with our Auntie Blue with Uncle Clinton at the wheel for the Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade!  Mama would need some type of big caboose to take me and Nicholas in that parade as there is no way you’d fit the Budster in the cart!  Maybe Uncle Clinton would teach me how to drive and Nicholas and I could get our own cart!  Can you see it?  Mouths would drop if we two were travelling along in the parade, Budster at the wheel and Nicholas waving to the people as we pass by.  Oh well, a guy can dream can’t he?

Nicholas and I wish you all a very special Christmas filled with Peace, Joy and Love.  To all our four-legged friends a special wish for 2016;  May the wind be always at your back, your tail in the air, your ears flapping in the wind and a big smile on your face as if someone left the gate open!  Merry Christmas!

Your pal,

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