Blogging with Buddy September 4, 2015

Are you ready for the last long weekend of the summer!  Nicholas and I sure are!

The weatherman is calling for sun, sun and more sun the entire weekend which means visits to the beach, lots of fun for Nicholas to run and a lot more swimming for Big Buddy Bacon!  Swimming has been a big part of my weight reduction plan this summer and I’m very proud to say that as of my recent visit to the vet yesterday I am now down 14 pounds which is a big deal when you are only 32 inches tall!!!  Since May of this year I have gone from 176 to 162!  My vet wants me to keep going down a bit more and I plan on doing just that with a whole lot of great swims in the Bay of Fundy this weekend!  A Newfie dogs dream come true.  No matter what your plans are for the weekend ahead, Nicholas and I hope it’s a great one for you, your family and your furry friends.  We are planning a get together with family and friends on Sunday and we are so excited that this includes our Uncle Clinton and our dear Auntie Blue!  Did I mention that I’ve been writing a song about our “Auntie Blue” which is coming along nicely.  She is going to be sooo surprised!  I’ve already got the air and now I’m just critiquing the verses.  It’s several verses long you know.  (We have been getting advice from Mama as we go) Nicholas sings with me in harmony and has added his impute to the lyrics as well!  I don’t know who loves Auntie Blue more, Nicholas or I.  We just can’t wait until we unveil our new song to Auntie Blue!  I can just see her now, laughing until she gets a belly ache!  And we’re sure Uncle Clinton will enjoy it too!

Hopefully the Team will get a well-deserved rest this weekend although being in real estate they can’t expect the entire three days off!  It’s just the nature of the business.  When I buyer gets the notion that they wish to buy, it’s now and the Team are always ready! Steven is excited about his property showings booked for qualified buyers this weekend and Mama has a client flying in from Boston to look at high-end vacation homes!  Perfect weekend for it with all this sunshine!  Nicholas and I wish them all lots of luck with their sales and lots of fun on their days off, they really deserve it!

Have a great one!


Your pal,


Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print