Blogging With Buddy July 7th, 2017

Well, we just had another bidding war!  Mama and Amy have been as busy as bees this week finishing off with an exciting bidding war on our new waterfront listing on Duck Pond Lane today! You just never know what will end up being a “Hot Property”! The bidding was fast and furious this morning running into the afternoon with Mama at the helm keeping the vendors calm throughout a very exciting process! Nicholas and I just kept our noses to the grind-stone and stayed out of everyone’s way! Little Oliver Ouellet was here today too being as quiet as a mouse, he knew something big was in the works!

Mama’s new personal assistant Brittany Bulmer is nothing short of a wiz!  Mama says, “you show Brittany something once and that’s it, bam it’s done!”  Brittany has been busy getting to know our clients, helping them in any way she can and uploading our high-end listings to our new site at Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate where we are New Brunswick’s only representative!

I had lots of excitement this week with a very refreshing bath with a gentle sweet smelling aloe vera shampoo! My black coat is just shinning and everyone is saying that I look very handsome!  Mama says I smell like a rose, so she’s nick named me Rosebud! I don’t like it, sounds like a girl’s name to me so paws crossed she’ll drop that one quickly! Nicholas can’t stop laughing!

Have a good weekend, hope we see the sun!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon