Blogging with Buddy, January 26th, 2018

Busy, busy weekend showing homes to out of town buyers plus 6 open houses ranging from Saint John West to Rothesay, $147,500-$675,000.  Great chance to bundle up and come in out of the cold and view some of our interesting properties.  It may be cold but at least there is no snow so the walking and driving is easy for this time of year!  See below for dates, times and locations.

Mama and Charlie have a new slogan EXPERIENCE-INTEGRITY-DISCRETION!  I like it, these are the important things they have in common, trusted names they are known for, so vital to a successful real estate career.  EXPERIENCE; Mama has been in the business 13 year as of July 4th carrying out thousands of transactions and Charlie has been in it 34 years, straight out of university!!!  There’s not an area around here where he hasn’t represented either the buyer or the seller in residential, multi-family or commercial real estate.  INTEGRITY; Both Mama and Charlie are known for their high standards, both putting their clients needs first at all times!  DISCRETION;  We’ve all overheard things at parties, on the golf course or the hairdresser’s that we should not be hearing.  Sometimes people don’t understand the damage these slips of the tongue can do to the outcome of a potential purchase or sale of a home.  You can rest assured with Mama and Charlie as your Realtors that this will never happen as they are extremely conscientious of your privacy in all things, at all times!  And my lip are sealed too.  I told Nicholas we may hear things but we Never, ever repeat them!  If these qualities are high on your ‘must have’ list when searching for just the right Realtor, then look no further, Mama and Charlie are ready to go to work for you, negotiating the best possible scenario for your purchase or sale!

Nicholas and I are shocked at the absence of snow right now.  Mama is ecstatic as is Papa with nothing to shovel or snow blow but I have to admit I do personally enjoy it!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Open Houses This Weekend As Follows;


1-2:30 455 Demont St West                                              3-4:30  171 Gault Rd, West



1-2:30, 85 Gondola Point Rd, Rothesay                           1-2:30, 21 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove





3-4:30, 70 Dunedin Road, Rothesay                                   3-4:30, 10 Cedar Drive, Rothesay