Blogging with Buddy, February. 25th, 2017

Well as happy as I was two weeks ago with all the snow storms, Nicholas is just over the moon this week with the beautiful mild weather. It’s just like spring and he’s been enjoying playing in the yard with me for hours on end. It was difficult to get him out in the stormy weather for even fifteen minutes(some days even five minutes). You just never know what you are going to get these days yet many still argue that there is no such thing as climate change even though we are more prone to get a green Christmas now in Atlantic Canada then we are a white one! Then a month later we can’t see out our windows for all the snow. I don’t know but it seems to Buddy Bacon that something funky is going on with the weather. Nicholas and our dear friend Gus Dixon agree!

Nicholas and I have enjoyed watching the skaters on the Rothesay Common Rink. Crazy Nicholas wanted to give it a try on double runners but I told him he’s nuts! He said Isaac Dixon could give us a few pointers, Gus says he’s a fab skater and a hockey player too! I tell you now there is absolutely no way Big Buddy Bacon is going out on that ice. It’s okay for Gus to head out with his family across the river but let’s face it; the little guy is being carried!!! Joe Atlas himself couldn’t carry the Budster around on a pair of skates. I told Nick and Gus to just forget this whole skating thing and be happy that our office is right there on the Common and we get to watch them along with Oliver, Connor and the team right out the office windows. We can tell you first hand that they take great care of the rink and many in our community are enjoying it.

On another topic, our Uncle Tom has adopted a stray cat that came to his door in the big snow storm! Tom and or aunt have never been cat people but they both love animals and are very kind by nature. So when this big grey fluffy kitty came to the door hungry in the middle of a storm they took it in and fed it, tried to find out where it came from to no avail and gave it a home! Now all they have to do is name it. I’m suggesting the name ‘Lucky’ cause this dude just won the lotto! A pet couldn’t get a better home than with our aunt and uncle.

For all you winter enthusiasts out there enjoying the skating, skiing, sledding, etc. have a great weekend and keep an eye out for Buddy Bacon on your travels.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon