Blogging with Buddy, October 16th, 2015

Oh, Nicholas and I totally enjoyed our turkey dinners last Sunday!  Daddy is not too keen on turkey so Mama only cooks it for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We absolutely love it and really look forward to the holidays.  Daddy always bellyaches about left-over turkey but yet he seems to lay right into it, and then complains of a tummy ache.  Daddy has been busy getting the yard ready for winter (dare I say the word) and has everything pristine and stored away, etc.  Mama says it never looked so good.

We’ve been enjoying our daily walks which have been just before dusk each evening.  Some days this week we saw awesome sunsets over the river with all the pretty reds, orange and yellows.  We also saw the Canada Geese take flight and fly over the river just at twilight, honking their loud horns and squawking like crazy.  It’s a pretty sight to see them take their V-formation.  A flock of them live on the golf course by our house and we see them fly over almost every night.  Nicholas would like a closer look but Mama says that is not going to happen.  They are quite large, probably as big as Nicholas.  But there is no bird around here as big as the Budster!

The Team are back hard at it with open houses this weekend, Sunday 2-4pm.  Steven is at 35 Elizabeth Parkway and we are at 8 Valley Road, both are in Hastings Cove, Kennebecasis Park, just one street apart.  Both are part of our Fine Homes International program as high-end executive-style homes.  Steven’s is on the waterfront with its own private beach and we have a gorgeous heated pool with very private yard.  The weather has been so awesome this autumn that those lucky enough to own a pool could keep them open longer than usual.  I keep telling Mama that we need a pool bust she says that since we are at New River Beach every weekend in the summer that the Bay of Fundy is Big Buddy’s pool!  Good thing I’m a Newf with a big thick coat cause I can tell you, if that’s my pool, it’s certainly not heated!!!  We hope you’ll drop by our open houses and say hello, Steven and Kim would love to take you on a tour.

Nicholas and I are planning some nice walks this weekend through the wood trails.  Mama says her and Daddy may take us to Rockwood Park, that would be a real treat!  So, get out there and enjoy this glorious weather because you know what’s just around the corner!  Our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton are talking about heading to Florida early this year.  We’re happy that they can go but we must say we really miss them when they’re gone!!  Those lucky little cousins, Myra and Lucas.  And Daddy says we’re spoiled!

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon