Blogging with Buddy, October 4th, 2015

We can feel the crispness in the air especially at night! Big Buddy Bacon loves the autumn when the nights are cool and the days are sunny and bright. This Friday I started my new exercise regime of walking each morning. Nicholas and I just love it! This Sunday morning at 8 am there wasn’t a soul to be seen as we walked the fields of Spy Glass Hill. Actually Mama and I walked and crazy Nicholas just ran wide open in huge acre-wide circles like the crazy boy he is. You’d never guess that he’s going to be four years old this Christmas. Everywhere we go people ask, “Apparently that one’s still a pup, how old is he?” They are shocked at the answer. Mama says that the Border Collie in him, bred to run. Oh I do a crazy little dance when I first get out of the truck, bouncing up and down and running about but it only lasts about ten minutes and then I calm down and walk beside Mama. She says I’m an excellent watch dog as I never let her out of my site when we are out and about. I stay close by her side especially when strangers are around, I get really close and she can feel me up against her leg. Nicholas just keeps playing leaving the serious work for me. Good thing we live in such a safe neighbourhood and all the people and dogs are so friendly. Yes I’m cute, cuddly and exceptionally friendly but I can tell you if anyone ever tried to hurt my Mama they’d be dealing with the business end of the Budster! Mama has nothing to worry about with me around.

Our deal friend Apollo got skunked Friday night! Poor boy! We know all about this as Nicholas got it last May. It was absolutely horrible! Mama gave Apollo’s mother the recipe for a homemade paste that works instantaneously!!! One coating of this stuff on Nicholas and it was over. I never so poor Nicholas look so forlorn in my life! I think he felt even worse than he smelt. The skunk got him right in the mouth. He came in the back door foaming at the mouth with his jaw locked tight and wouldn’t even drink water. Mama quickly wiped his mouth and got him a nice bowl of cold milk. He drank it right down and stopped foaming at the mouth immediately. She gave him a second bowl and we couldn’t believe the difference in him. Then our office manager, Pam Trites came over to show Mama how to mix up a paste concoction and Mama got him in the shower, applied the paste then rinsed him off. That was it, he was done. Good luck Apollo, our thoughts are with you and we know your Mama will take good care of you. Nicholas says, “stay away from those skunks!!!”

We are not staying at the camp overnight any more this year as Mama says it’s too cold at night for that now. Daddy, Nicholas and I disagreed but it didn’t get us too far. We went down on Saturday for a nice walk on the beach, a run for Nicholas, Mama and Daddy looking for beach glass and a really good swim for the Budster. I never know this time of year how many more swims I’ll get in so I’m taking advantage and loving every minute of it. We all know what’s just around the corner (snow), shush, Mama says I’m not allowed to talk about it after the winter from Hell we put in last year. I’m the only one in the family who enjoys it like I do. I could stay out for hours if they’d let me. This is what my big thick double Newf coat is made for. But more on that later. Little sissy Nicholas has a big fuzzy lined winter coat he has to wear to keep warm and he doesn’t stay out long like me. I ripped it right off him at the end of last winter, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I kept saying, “Nicholas take that stupid coat off, it’s May now.” He ignored me so ripppppp, off it came! Our Auntie Blue is giving it a make-over now with new fussy lining. She’s a Fantastic seamstress with a capital F on Fantastic! She can make anything! She’s making me a really cool Halloween costume now, it’s going to be awesome! I’ll show you some pictures at Halloween, stay tuned. Nicholas got his at the Walmart but mine is custom made. I hope no one recognises me, we plan to go door to door to visit a few neighbours/friends and pick up a few treats! Mama or Daddy will have to carry my bag. Mama says anyone will recognize my big black and white nose not much I can do to camouflage that. Nicholas has a blond wig so he thinks no one will know him. Oh the pressure! Hey all you furry friends out there, if you get your family to send me a pic of you wearing your costume before October 30th, I’ll post my favorites on my Halloween Blog!

Your Pal,

Buddy Bacon Sand Paw Print

Sand flying everywhere, Nicolas likes to dig?
One of my last swims for the year. Not nippy for this Budster!