Blogging with Buddy, February 12th, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day from Big Buddy Bacon and his little side kick, Nicholas!  We really enjoy Valentine’s Day, everyone is so happy, smiley and mushy.  Mama keeps telling us how beautiful we are and what good dogs we are!  She and Papa are all mushy and the Valentine’s cards are flying around.  Hallmark must have a field day on the 14th of February!  They must be expensive because I hear Mama grumbling about the price of cards these days.  This is a big day for them as they were actually married on Valentine’s Day!  So this one is also their 24th Wedding Anniversary!  Wow, 24 years is a big deal in this day and age!  Mama says that next year is the biggy, 25 years!  She says she wants the Purple Heart (whatever that means) but she always laughs when she says it.  Daddy says he should get it.  I don’t know what they are talking about; it’s over the Budster’s head.

Our dear little cousin Lucas has been very sick in Florida and we’re very worried about him.  Our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton took him to a special clinic there and he had a scan which shows some fluid on the brain.  Very, very serious condition!  The vet doesn’t recommend operating but has Lucas on a new prescription that may help him with the problem.  We certainly hope so.  The Florida vet has been in consultation by phone with Lucas’ vet from the PEI Veterinary College and they are in agreement that this should be given a try. Auntie Blue is doing everything she can for the little man.  He is so small and so very sweet.  Mama is praying up a storm for his recovery.  She says that God loves the little animals too.  If you could say a prayer for our little cousin Lucas it would be greatly appreciated.  Nicholas and I send our love to the dear little boy.

February 13th is the big Rothesay Winter Celebration, “Winterfest” and it’s being held right on the Rothesay Common where our office is located.  The Common is so pretty with its sweeping lawns, mature trees and now we have the pretty new skating rink.  We can see the skaters right out our office windows!  Everyone seems to be having such a good time.  On Saturday the 13th the town has lots planned for the Winterfest with a public skate from 3:30 to 5:30, live music and the KV Walkers will be walking the Common.

On Sunday, February 14th Steven is hosting a Valentine’s Day Open House at 110 Auburn Way.   This is one of the most special properties in Woodleigh Park, quality built with features galore and a huge private lot at the end of a quiet cul de sac.  You’ll be hearing lots more about this stunning property in my real estate guide ad,  “Buddy’s Best, Paw Approved” in the TJ on Saturdays.  He’s the host with the most and will have beautiful red roses for the ladies and delicious chocolates!  Come one, come all!  (Steven can you save a few chocolates for me?)

Your pal,

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Clinton, Myra & Lucus Easter 2015 at Curtis'
Lucas (on the right) with his twin sister Myra & our Uncle Clinton.