Blogging with Buddy, February 26th, 2016

Is it really February or are my eyes playing tricks on me?  Nicholas and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and all the snow is gone from our yard!  Our brook is running really fast and it seems more like late April or May than February!  Mama and Daddy are sooooo happy about it as are everyone we meet!  They say after what we went through last winter we all deserve a break.  We actually have a few green shoots coming up in the garden already.  This is crazy but we love it.  At this rate we’ll be seeing the raccoons soon.  Nicholas doesn’t like the raccoons sneaking into our yard at night when he’s in bed trying to sleep.  Sometimes he growls at them out the window (much to Daddy’s annoyance)!

Won’t be too long now til the Easter Bunny comes and then we should be through the worst of winter.  Mammy says she doesn’t ever remember a winter this mild.  She doesn’t even have to wear her dreaded boots!  Maybe if we had some boots we wouldn’t be tracking in so much dirt on the floor but then I don’t think they’d be very comfortable and Buddy Bacon is all about comfort and easy living!

This weather is great for buyers, sellers and Team Platinum alike!  For the buyers to be viewing homes, so easy to get around and they can actually see the yards and gardens not like last year with a mystery under all that snow!  For the sellers who do not have to continually shovel out their walkways for showings and open houses.  And for Team Platinum who are not getting stuck in snow banks and constantly shovelling out their cars and scrapping windshields.

Steven is busy this weekend with not one but two open houses!  Saturday he welcomes you to 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk off Route 100 all afternoon from 12pm to 4pm.  If you enjoy a water view this picturesque view of Darlings Lake and the distant mountains of Pickwauket is about as beautiful as it gets in New Brunswick!  Straight out of a post card.  This is a very nice home with spacious rooms, wonderful kitchen and a huge yard.  On Sunday he’s at 2 Jones Ave off the Vincent yard from 2pm-4pm.  This two-storey home with finished basement is beautifully renovated from top to bottom and move in ready!  Also with an attractive yard with mature trees both these properties are Paw Approved by Buddy Bacon.  I hope you are enjoying my new spread in the Real Estate Guide of the Telegraph Journal with Buddy’s Best Paw Approved Properties.  Showcasing all the features most important to furry friends and children alike!

Please keep our cousin Lucas in your thoughts and prayers as he is not out of the woods yet.  Our Auntie Blue and Lucas have been meeting with vets in Central Florida for consultations and scans but just after Easter Lucas will come home to see his own vet here in the Valley who know him so well.  Nicholas and I hope you get well soon, dear little Lucas!

Your pal

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