Why Katherine Bacon is my Real Estate Agent!

As a property owner who has been dealing with Real Estate Agents on higher end waterfront properties for decades, the experience has taught me one important lesson. Deal with a “selling agent,” and one who has a proven track record of selling properties like the property you are selling.

There are plenty of “listing agents” who will tell you your property is worth an inflated price to get you to sign their listing. They then sign you up, plop their sign on your property; put one or two small print ads in the Real Estate Guide over the life of the listing but for the most part, just sit back and wait for another agent to make the sale.

Katherine Bacon is different! She publicises your property is available to numerous qualified prospective buyers. When she lists a property, she professionally markets it to targeted potential buyers through her personal contact with the many prospects she has developed over time.
She truly follows that old saying, “It Pays to Advertise” in her business practice. Katherine has regular print ads in the local Real Estate Guide, in addition to her web page but she also advertises in international publications like the “Dupont Registry” and similar magazines found in airline seat pockets. These ads get seen by travelers when they fly around the world.
I am pleased to recommend Katherine Bacon to you!

G.A. (Sandy) Robertson

Business Owner and Millidgeville Land Developer