Blogging With Buddy May 5th, 2017

Congratulations to Dr George Whittle on his retirement from veterinary  practice.  Thank you so much for your compassionate  care and kindness over the past 40 years of our beloved William, Sarah, Buffy, Freckles, Theodore and Laddie as well as thousands of other furry friends!  William (the favourite cat) who Mama rescued at 6 weeks old, lived 21 years and was never sick a day.  He was George’s first patience out of veterinary college!   George we wish you many happy years of retirement!

Absolutely love this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve had lately as we brace ourselves for hard rain this weekend!  We’ve had so much rain lately and lots more on the way so Nicholas and I spent most of Thursday in our yard soaking up the rays!  It hit 26C on our deck yesterday.

Mama has a big week coming up with a birthday.  It’s not like we can bring her breakfast in bed or anything so we’ve decided that we will just be exceptionally loving boys on the big day, well behaved and as sweet as pie!  (Nicholas says, “That’s a joke”!  “We may last 15 minutes if we’re lucky, but a whole day, I don’t think so!  It’s just in the blood!”  We do enjoy tearing around and causing a bit of ruckus.  We got in a bit of trouble the other day for barking.  Mama and Papa both don’t like it when we get out in the front yard barking just to hear ourselves and they say they’re sure the neighbours don’t appreciate it.  We got the message, we don’t like it when Mama and Papa are not entirely happy with us!

Mama listed a gorgeous new house today at 7 Ambassador Drive in Quispamsis, $348,000.  It has been tastefully updated and it is in mint condition inside and out on a huge one acre private lot!  I personally love these big lots with lots of room to run and play.  It comes complete with a hot tub but I doubt if any of our furry friends will find their way into that.  I’ve already been told that I may visit the property to inspect the new listing but stay away from that hot tub!

So, button down the hatches and brace yourselves for some heavy rain on Saturday.  May be a good day to spring clean, watch a favourite movie (Nicholas and I love “Lassie Come Home!”) or catch up on your reading.  We’re hoping that Mama will make our favourite homemade stew, her grandmother’s old recipe!  Yum, yum, yum!  Have a good weekend, hope to see you around and special thanks to all of you who come over to say hello to Nicholas and I when we’re waiting in the parking lots in our bright red SUV with our big black heads hanging out the window at Sobeys, Cochrane’s, Pet Value, Staples, etc..  Always nice to see you and get our ears rubbed!  We were happy to read this week in the news that the SPCA is pushing for no dogs to be left in cars with windows up this summer!!! Never, never, never leave the windows up in your car with your children or pets inside as the temperature rises so very quickly and it can be deadly.  We only get to ride in the car in the winter, spring and fall and then our both windows are down about two feet, far enough for our big heads to hang out so that we have lots of fresh air and can watch everything going on in the parking lots.  Nicholas says that I hog the entire back all to myself and as you can see in the picture, I do!  Just as soon as it starts to get warm we will have to wait comfortably at home in the A/C.   Nicholas says that I hog the largest air conditioning vent all to myself and I must admit that  it’s true!  The little guy is an awful whiner!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon