Blogging with Buddy

Although Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by many people it was our Grampy’s lucky day ! Everything good happened to Mama’s father Tom on  Friday the 13th and he rejoiced at It’s arrival. Nicholas and I think that it’s rubbed off on Mama as she has great luck on these days as well and picked up another day . Her, Candace and Amy have been busy bees all through the holidays and beyond with influx of out-of-town buyers and locals alike choosing homes in our area. Mama says this is this is the busiest she’s seen the market in at least five years.

I just don ‘t know what to make of the weather! I was enjoying the snow and then it dropped so cold that Nicholas couldn’t stay out to play with me for too long. Then it went mild and melted the snow which left a lot of ice. That really messed up everything especially our daily walks as where do you walk that isn’t super slippery. I’m very sure and steady on my feet and not the fastest guy around, just kind of plugging along  but Nicholas is like greased  lighting and we worry about him flying around on the ice. Then we get all that rain which got rid of most of the ice so I’m thinking this is great for walking but now it drops really cold again which means Nicholas is wearing his warm winter coat and Mama is bundled up like crazy. She says this is winter in New Brunswick and you just never know what you’ll get.

If you are out and about on Sunday drop into our open house at 21 Upper Deck in the Highlands of Drury Cove from 2pm-4pm

This extraordinary waterfront condominium with all the latest bells and whistles. It is so spacious with huge windows,fireplace, heat pump and A/C, one of the best finished walk-out  , daylight  basements you’ll ever see and a beautiful view of the water. I invite you to stop by to say hello and take a little tour. See you around.

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