Blogging With Buddy September 8th, 2017

What crazy weather we had this week, with torrential rains the likes of which I have never seen in all my five years!  Nicholas and I stayed cozy indoors with the odd trek outdoors between showers.  We were driving along with Mama and it was gently showering and then wham, it was like someone dumped a truckload of water on our windshield and it just kept coming!  Mama drove super slow (we’re not used to that, haha) as it was difficult to see where we were going.  We had the wipers on super fast but  it still wasn’t enough.  The only good thing I can say is my truck is super clean after that water beating, it was better than going through the car wash!  Did I mention that our red truck is known as ‘Buddy’s truck’ as I can’t fit in the car!  I love my SUV as I can stretch right out in the back, great on long drives to visit clients as we list and sell all over southern NB.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people in the Caribbean and Florida being pummeled by Hurricane Irma!!!  It’s difficult for us to imagine such force in nature.  We see the photos in horror.  We hear Mama talk about the Ground Hog Gale of 1976 here in Saint John and surrounding areas where gusts reached 120 mph and the devastation to our area was broadcast around the world.  Mama’s aunt was on holiday in Australia at the time and looked at her TV in shock as the Saint John devastation was announced.  Who can imagine wind of 150 mph and more?  We really can’t.  I’ll take the winter cold and snow any day over the extreme weather of the tropics!  We can always deal with the snow.

Good news for Ibiza, my friend the Irish Wolfhound up on 15 Clark Road as Mama and Amy sold her house on the first showing!!!  Ibiza is happy with the sale but is now out looking for a new home and I’m happy to help her.  She needs something with a nice yard especially coming from that gorgeous big yard on Clark Road.

  Ibiza’s house, sold on the first showing!

I’m really excited about our new listing on Pelton Road in Millidgeville!  I knew that this 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath family home with unique features came with beach rights but I didn’t realize the rights were on “THE BEACH” in Millidgeville!!!  I’m talking about Sandy Point!  We all know of Sandy Point Road, well, our beach rights for this home are on the actual point.  And what a point it is, with plenty of warm fine sand reaching out into the Kennebecasis River with views from Grand Bay to Gondola Point.  One of the best beaches in our area.  It’s the perfect place for lazy summer days, swimming in the warm water of the river and laying back on the sand watching all the action on the river as sailboats glide quietly past in the breeze and powerboats cruise by as their wake gently ripples along the shoreline.  Now this is a lifestyle that the Budster can associate with, the kind Nicholas and I dream about!

Beach rights on Sandy Point!

Rain, thunder and lightning predicted for this Saturday so stay dry and have a good weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon