Blogging with Buddy September 22nd, 2017

This warm weather is just too much for the Budster with his warm Newfie coat!!!  And the humidity is worse!  I’m just not use to it.  I had a nice walk last night with Nicholas and Mama and Papa through the back trails of RNS under the shade of the trees.  Lots and lots of fun four-legged friends there and some were super fast.  Nicholas ran and ran, he sure slept sound last night (I have to admit the Budster did too).  We’re looking forward to some fresh sea air at New River this weekend where I’ll be the first to jump right into the Bay of Fundy, can’t wait!

Congratulations to Jan, Chuck and Jazzy Lynch on the sale of their lovely home at 241 Eriskay Drive in Rothesay.  Such a quick closing (only 6 days) but no task was too big for the Lynch’s as they pack up and get ready to head to Ontario.  We wish them all the best in their new home and I hope Jazzy keeps in touch with me!

  Goodbye Jazzy Lynch

Yesterday was officially the last day of summer!  Where did it go???  I have to admit I had a great one and Nicholas agrees.  The meteorologists say we’re going to enjoy a long warm autumn that will last into December.  I can’t imagine it but it sure would make the winter short.  We’d just have to get through Jan, Feb and March and then clear sailing into May!  I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!  Have a great weekend and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon